The Valapata community in North Vella Lavella is preparing for the roll-out of the Just Play Health and WASH curriculum with a two-day coaching course paving the way for the new season.

Sixteen participants, representing five different primary schools, were welcomed via an opening ceremony organised by Valapata youth.

The Just Play 6-12-year training course, run by instructor Crystal Bakolo, began with a focus on social challenges and leading a healthy lifestyle before moving on to Sport 2 Life language and planning sessions.

Safeguarding of children and young people was covered on day two, with a particular focus on the Just Play Child Protection Policy.

The feedback from participants was positive with one in particular noting his appreciation of the programme coming to the Valapata community.

The same participant said his confidence has grown immensely thanks to his participation in this training course.

“Coming to Just Play at the beginning of day one was a struggle for me, but after completing my practical my colleagues were surprised to see me actually presenting my session with confidence. It was a big breakthrough for me as a youth leader in my community.”

The local community are expected to benefit immensely from the Just Play Programme, according to another participant.

“Giving a positive experience to the children is important in teaching,” they said.

“What the Just Play Programme is doing is very important especially with the children in our community and school. If we want to have a bright community it has to start with Just Play so I would like to thank the Just Play Programme Manager for choosing Vella Lavella.”