Fiji futsal development

Since 2017, Fiji FA, with funding from FIFA Forward, has invested in new competitions and a series of programmes aimed at building the capacity of its personnel.

Providing a platform for youths to experience competitive matches at an earlier age is essential to growing the game.

Additionally, a strong futsal league is imperative for the growth of the futsal code in Fiji.

Alongside the newly created competitions, Fiji FA have endeavoured to recruit highly capable staff in its numerous programs whilst upskilling its current staff with a series of trainings including financial planning workshops, strengthening and development of its grassroots programmes, coach education program and strategic development workshops.

Rajesh Patel, President of the Fiji FA and Senior Vice-President of OFC is an OFC Member of the FIFA Council. He has extensive business experience in Fiji.

The benefits

International events such as the Fiji Cup are an annual event with participation from Fiji and from teams outside of Fiji.

The Fiji senior national futsal team enjoyed some success at the recent OFC Futsal Nations Cup 2019, where they finished fifth. The team was composed of players, all of whom played at the new Fiji Futsal Cup.

The Fiji FA have embarked on an ambitious strategic plan to grow the game across all corners of the country, by providing access for players to accredited coaches and Player Development Officers tasked with delivering the activities.

Given the geographic spread of Fiji, this is being made possible through the various workshops to construct a network of highly competent, well trained development officers working in the main hubs across Fiji’s two main islands.

The future looks secure with the Fiji FA having established an impressive strategic plan.

A prominent feature of which is the focus on infrastructure projects. This will include the construction of gym facilities in Suva at the headquarters and the construction of the federation’s third national training centre in Labasa due to commence in the coming months. These will augment the President’s desire to introduce a fully professional domestic football league by 2023.