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Historic Senior B Licence course gets underway.

The OFC Senior B Licence coaching course got underway in Honiara, Solomon Islands today allowing local coaches to continue their journey along the OFC coaching pathway.

The course is aimed at developing coaches’ competences by providing experiences and assisting them to better adapt to new challenges.

Sixteen participants, including two women, have signed up to take part in the Solomon Islands-specific course, just the second time a senior B Licence has been held in Honiara following the first MA-wide edition held in 2017.

OFC Head of Football Development and Education, Giovani Fernandes is being assisted by Paul Toohey, OFC Futsal/Beach Soccer and Player Development Officer, in delivering the 130 hour course from the 5 to 8 August 2019.

Fernandes said the training of coaches in Oceania is a priority and falls in line with FIFA’s aim for continuous up-skilling.

“Coaching is a cognitive process, and as such our hope is to impact the decision-making process of the coaches as they perform their daily duties, not only through the implementation of their plans but actually engaging them further into the process to define their priority as football leaders.

“The coaches are expected to apply their knowledge and conceptual understanding to real-life situations occurring in everyday life,” Fernandes added.

“We are hoping this will give them the opportunity to improve the way each of them works.”

Local participants are required to hold a valid OFC Senior C Licence (Advanced Pass), and be actively coaching senior performance and/or high performance players.

On successful completion of the OFC Senior B Licence, participants are expected to have enhanced their skillset in the following areas:

  1. Knowledge of self and relationship with others
  2. Knowledge of players
  3. Knowledge of football
  4. Coaching the training session
  5. Coaching in the match
  6. Coaching and playing philosophy

The OFC Senior B Licence – Part three will be delivered in November 11-14.

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