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Les Cagous secure draw

Émile Ounei strikes the ball perfectly to find the back of the net. Credit: Alain Vartane

New Caledonia prevented Estonia from taking home a clean sweep of wins from their Oceania tour after holding the European side to a 1-1 draw at Stade Numa Daly on Sunday evening.

Coach Thierry Sardo put together a mixed squad of experience and newbies for the international friendly, with the side showing great spirit and cohesiveness despite not having their France-based players join them.

“There are a few new players coming in, but it’s within the continuation of an established project of three years,” Sardo said.

Among those making their debut were Tiga Sport’s Emile Ounei who made an impressive debut up front for Les Cagous.

After falling behind in the 54th minute when Henri Anier finished off a team effort for Estonia, it was Ounei who brought the two sides back in line ten minutes later with a great solo strike that had the Estonia keeper well beaten.

Estonia beat Fiji 2-0 in their opening match of the tour before going on to a 1-0 win over Vanuatu. New Caledonia’s 1-1 draw was the best result for an Oceania side against the European visitors and they were the only nation Estonia conceded a goal to.

New Caledonia squad:

NYKEINE Rocky (Hienghène Sport)
ULILLE Michael (AS Magenta)

ATHALE Joseph (AS Magenta)
BEARUNE Emile (Horizon Patho)
TCHACKO Joseph (Tiga Sport)
WAMYTAN Jacques (AS Mont-Dore)
RANCHAIN Fonzy (AS Lössi)
BEARUNE Georges (Horizon Patho)
DINET Jordan (Hienghène Sport)

WAKANUMUNE Joël (Tiga Sport)
SANSOT Cédric (Tiga Sport)
SIMANE Didier (AS Magenta)
POMA Potin (Hienghène Sport)
IDRELE Yohan (AS Wetr)
WAMOWE Mone (AS Lössi)
WELEPANE Shane (AS Magenta)

Forwards :
OUNEI Emile (Tiga Sport)
OUTIOU Jean-Philibert (Racing Poindimié)
SELE Richard (AS Lössi)
HOUALA Warren (Hienghène Sport)
WAHNAWE Léon (Sc Ne Drehu)

To watch the full match replay visit: Caledonia – la tele qui nous rapproche

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