Vanuatau have beaten New Caledonia 1-0 at the 2016 OFC U-20 Championship to top Group A

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New Caledonia: 1. Mickaël ULILE (GK), 3. Jean-Marc KAUDRE, 8. Shene WELEPANE, 10. Thomas GOPE-FENEPEJ (C), 12. Wéda WAITREU, 14. Romarick LUEPAK, 15. Henri BOUCHERON, 16. Lucas BITAUD, 17. Johanes BERNOLE, 18.Renzo WEJIEME, 19. Cyril NYPIE.
Substitutes 2. Gaëtan GOPE-IWATE, 4. Brice KAI, 5. Pothin POMA, 7. Bryan AUSU, 9. Albert WATRONE, 11. Patrick GOHE, 20. Nathanaël HLEMU (GK)
Injured6. Wapö ELE-HMAEA, 13. Warren HOUALA.
Coach: Kamali FITEALEATA (NCL)

Vanuatu: 23. Willie DICK (GK), 2. Joseph IARUEL, 3. Jason THOMAS, 7. Bong KALO (c), 10. Ronaldo WILKINS, 11. Jonathan SPOKEYJACK, 12. Abednigo SAU, 13. Tasso JEFFERY, 14. Timothy BOULET, 17. Jayson TIMATUA, 19. Frederick MASSING.
Substitutes1. Andreas DUCH (GK), 4. Selwyn VATU, 5. Jesse KALOPONG, 8. Godine TENENE, 9. Sylvain WORWORBU, 15. Gregory PATRICK, 16. Harison MASSING, 18. Max UGUNA,
Injured6. Claude ARU
Coach: Etienne MERMER (VAN)

Match Officials
Referee: Nick WALDRON (NZL)
Assistant Referee 1: Glen LOCHRIE (NZL)
Assistant Referee 2: John PAREANGA (COK)

FULL-TIME New Caledonia 0-1 Vanuatu The hosts have beaten New Caledonia 1-0 to earn a semi-final in Port Vila against Solomon Islands.

90+2 New Caledonia’s Warren HOUALA in behind but Vanuatu’s Joseph IARUEL makes an importnat tackle.

90′ Three minutes of additional time to be played at Port Vila Stadium

90′ Vanuatu’s Jason THOMAS acrobatically clears a cross whipped in.

88′ Vanuatu’s Godine TENENE does well to chase down the ball but hits his cross too deep for everyone.

84′ SUB NCL New Caledonia’s Albert WATRONE replaces Shene WELEPANE who is receiving treatement.

81′ Vanuatu’s Goalkeeper Willie DICK claims a cross confidently under pressure.

76′ KALO’s deep cross is headed back toward goal by Frederick MASSING but POma clears before it can reach WORWORBU.

75′ Vanuatu’s Jesse KALOPONG hits a freekick well but ULILE gets a low hand to it and turns it round the post.

74′ SUB NCL New Caledonia’s Bryan AUSU enters the game for Henri BOUCHERON

73′ SUB VAN Vanuatu’s Jonathan SPOKEYJACK is replaced by Godine TENENE

72′ Vanuatu’s Jonathan SPOKEYJACK heads in a loose ball for what would be Vanuatu’s second but he was offside.

70′ New Caledonia’s Lucas BITAUD finds Thomas GOPE-FENEPEJ on the edge of the area but the skipper’s shot is inches to high.

65′ SUBS New Caledonia’s Pothin POMA replaces Johanes BERNOLE and Vanuatu’s Sylvain WORWORBU is on for Abednigo SAU

63′ New Caledonia’s Romarick LUEPAK wins his side a freekick on the goalline halfway between the corner flaf and the penalty area. PLayed to the edge but New Caledonia’s Cyril NYPIE hits his shot over the bar.

58′ SUB Vanuatu’s Gregory PATRICK replaces Jonathan TIMATUA

54′ Vanuatu’s Abednigo SAU is through on goal. ULILE does enough to save 1v1. Falls again to SAU, then Jonathan SPOKEYJACK but NCL recover well.

52′ YELLOW CARD Vanuatu’s Jason THOMAS is cautioned for bringing down New Caledonia’s Romarick LUEPAK

49′ YELLOW CARD New Caledonia’s Romarick LUEPAK is cautioned for a challenge on Vanuatu’s Goalkeeper Willie DICK

49′ A firm dipping shot from New Caledonia’s Lucas BITAUD is held well by WIllie DICK

46′ Vanuatu’s Abednigo SAU fires high and wide from the edge of the area

46′ We’re back underway in Port Vila as New Caledonia restart.

HALF-TIME New Caledonia 0-1 Vanuatu The hosts have put themsleves into a great position to secure a Port Vila semi-final with this halftime lead.

45+1′ GOAL!!! New Caledonia 0-1 Vanuatu ULILE can’t repeat his heroics as WILKINS sends him the wrong way. Vanuatu lead 1-0.

45′ SAVED! ULILE guesses correctly, saving to his left. But he moved too early. It will be reataken

43′ PENALTY! Vanuatu’s Ronaldo WILKINS slips a ball inside for Bong KALO who is brought down.

40′ Vanuatu’s Abednigo SAU takes a shot that is blocked by New Caledonia’s Renzo WEJIEME

36′ New Caledonia appeal strongly for a ­penalty. Not given.

35′ Indecision between New Caledonia’s Renzo WEJIEME and ULILE almost creates a chance for Vanuatu’s Abednigo SAU

32′ New Caledonia’s Romarick LUEPAK weaves his way through but Vanuatu’s Tasso JEFFERY gets back to mop up the danger.

26′ Vanuatu’s Frederick MASSING tees off but it keeps on climbing.

25′ WILKINS and MASSING combine well but New Caledonia’s Henri BOUCHERON slides in to clear the danger.

24′ KALO unleases a powerful shot but ULILE holds well.

23′ Specultive shot from distance from Vanuatu’s Timothy BOULET goes just wide.

22′ Bong KALO causing some concern for New Caledonia but they are dealing with him for now.

20′ Bong KALO shows great strength to win the ball from New Caledonia’s Jean-Marc KAUDRE but NCL manage to prevent the cross.

20′ New Caledonia’s Romarick LUEPAK gets a stern word from referee WALDRON.

17′ ULILE claims a free kick confidently amidst traffic.

15′ Vanuatu’s Jonathan SPOKEYJACK creates space in the NCL area but ULILE saves well with his leg.

14′ Vanuatu’s Frederick MASSING skips past his man but BOUCHERON coveres well and puts it out for a corner.

11′ BOUCHERON crosses but New Caledonia’s Shene WELEPANE can’t direct his header towards goal.

8′ Speculative volley from New Caledonia’s Henri BOUCHERON but Willie DICK claims it on his line.

7′ WILKINS whips in a free kick but it’s too close to the keeper,

5′ Vanuatu appeal for a penalty but shouts are waved away by referee Waldron.

3’New Caledonia’s Renzo WEJIEME flicks on the free kick and DICK tips it around the post.

2′ New Caledonia’s Cyril NYPIE wins a free kick in the midddle of the park

1′ We’re underway in Port Vila as Vanuatu kick off.

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