New Fijian national team coach Flemming Serritslev wants his players to be fearless on the football pitch.

The former Danish international, who also coached Papua New Guinea from 2015-2018, was confirmed as Fiji’s new mentor last week.

“It’s really my aim to bring Fiji football to a higher level,” he said.

“Maybe you would think I’m crazy saying what I am saying now, but my aim is to make Fiji the best team in the region.

“I feel too many times the Island countries are a bit too afraid when they face New Zealand. They show a bit too much respect for them. One of my jobs will be to give the players here more self confidence when they face stronger opponents. Respect every team you meet, but never be afraid of anyone.

“In football, everything is possible.”

He said talent development was an important aspect to take Fiji further.

“Talent development has always had a big place in my heart and I will really try my best to be part of developing players in this country.

“Of course I can not do everything at the same time, but I hope I will be able to inspire both in the talent development and coach education, and who knows Fiji would be the next country to host the A licence coaching course.”

Serritslev is looking forward to cooperation from every individual involved in the game of football in Fiji.

“I will visit all the clubs with [Technical Director] Ravinesh [Kumar] to have a close cooperation with them from the beginning because it is these clubs who are delivering the players for the national teams so it’s necessary to have a good cooperation there.

“I am looking forward to cooperation from everyone here in Fiji involved in football because, in my opinion, we are part of the world’s best game.”

Fiji FA President Rajesh Patel said they consulted the Oceania Football Confederation Technical Director Patrick Jacquemet and Kumar before coming to a conclusion.

“There were so many others that had applied for it but we had to get somebody that we wanted consistently to be here, we want the same coaching style to be all over Fiji so when the players come to the national team, they are all well versed with what our national head coach wants,” Patel said.