New Zealand have made a decent start to their OFC U-20 Championship campaign with a 3-0 opening win over Cook Islands.

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New Zealand: 1. Michael WOUD (GK), 2. Jack-Henry SINCLAIR, 5. Hunter ASHWORTH, 6. Luke JOHNSON, 7. Logan ROGERSON, 8. Moses DYER, 9. Myer BEVAN, 10. Clayton LEWIS (C), 11. Sarpreet SINGH, 13. Charlie THOMAS, 18. Reese COX
Substitutes: 3. Sean LIDDICOAT, 12. Cameron BROWN (GK), 14. Jake PORTER, 15. Lucas IMRIE, 16. Joe BELL, 17. George DEBENHAM,
Injured: 4. Nando PIJNAKER
Absent: 19. Joshua DIJKSTRA (GK)

Coach: Darren BAZELEY (NZL)

Cook Islands: 1. Keegan INIA (GK) (C), 2. Jarves APERAU, 4. Sunai JOSEPH, 5. Michael WOOD, 6. Kimiora SAMUELA, 7. Samuel MAOATE-COX, 11. Thane BEAL, 13. Orin RUAINE-PRATTLEY, 14. Conroy TIPUTOA, 15. Owenne MATAPO, 18. Dwayne TIPUTOA
Substitutes: 3. George ELLIS, 8. Cahjun WILLIS, 12. Melbourne MATAKINO, 17. Kristian YOUNG, 20. Manaariki PIERRE (GK)

Coach: Matt CALCOTT (NZL)

Referee: Salesh CHAND (FIJ)
Assistant Referee 1: Avinesh NARAYAN (FIJ)
Assistant Referee 2: Phul SINGH (FIJ)
Fourth Official: Robinson BANGA (VAN)

FULL-TIME: New Zealand 3-0 Cook Islands

90’+4′ LEWIS curls the free kick over the goal

90″+3′ New Zealand get a free kick just off the edge of the box

90’+1′ Cook Islands want this game over as New Zealand find a second wind

Two minutes additional time

90′ GOAL!!! New Zealand 3-0 Cook Islands INIA blocks the shot from DYER but can’t make it across to the follow up from BEVAN who claims a hat trick on debut

89′ INIA behind a free kick sends long but headed back into Cook Islands half by Reese COX

87′ Great build-up from New Zealand through the middle but the final ball remains a weakness

85′ JOSEPH fails to clear and gives BEVAN time to get in a cross

83′ LEWIS takes it quick curlinng low around the wall – INIA sees it coming and collects

82′ JOSEPH with a foul on BEVAN

81′ Handball from LEWIS and JOSEPH gets in behind to send upfield

79′ Sunai JOSEPH launches a great run from the back through the middle before being brought down by sub LIDDICOAT

78′ SUB NZL Sean LIDDICOAT comes in for Jack-Henry SINCLAIR

76′ GOAL!!! New Zealand 2-0 Cook Islands Myer BEVAN rounds the defender and fires past INIA for his brace

74′ SUB COK Dwayne TIPUTOA is replaced by Melbourne MATAKINO

72′ SUB NZL ROGERSON makes room for Lucas IMRIE and Sarpreet SINGH is replaced by Joe BELL

70′ Both teams will be making some changes

69′ Passing on point for between DYER and LEWIS through the middle

67′ Another pause for Cook Islands Dwayne TIPUTOA to get some treatment

65′ Long throw from JOSEPH is blasted back out by ASHWORTH

64′ New Zealand under pressure as sub ELLIS makes a daring press forward

63′ Cook Islands temporarily down to ten as SAMUELA requires treatment

62′ YELLOW CARD Clayton LEWIS is cautioned

61′ DYER is pulled up for a foul and there’s a break in play as Kimiora SAMUELA requires treatment

59′ Cook Islands starting to tire and letting New Zealand get the first ball fairly easily

58′ SUB COK Owenne MATAPO is replaced by George ELLIS

57′ Good cover by Cook Islands as LEWIS, ROGERSON and DYER try and get a clean shot off

56′ INIA smothers a shot from New Zealand

55′ Big challenge from Thane BEAL on LEWIS in the middle of the park and the captain takes a second to get back on his feet

54′ The ball rebounds off the upright from a New Zealand corner

53′ ROGERSON loses the ball but shows grit to win back and get into the box for a shot

51′ Sarpreet SINGH finds himself caught by the offside flag as he tries to make a break up the left

49′ The ball bounces over the New Zealand back line and WOUD has it under control

48′ SINCLAIR sees LEWIS make a move out of the corner of his eye and makes the pass but LEWIS has cut inside and the ball rolls out

47′ SINCLAIR does well to turn his defender inside and out, but his cross is far too ambitious

46′ New Zealand get the second half underway with a wide ball to SINCLAIR

HALF-TIME: New Zealand 1-0 Cook Islands

45’+1′ Free kick for Cook Islands to be taken by INIA

One minute additional time

45′ ROGERSON with a volley on the turn in the box but he fires wide

44′ New Zealand working the ball across their backline, THOMAS tries to find ROGERSON but puts the ball out

42′ MYER plays one-two with LEWIS who fires off a shot just outside the upright

40′ Sunai JOSEPH and SINCLAIR clash in a challenge and New Zealand earn a free kick

39′ INIA punches clear a corner from Clayton LEWIS

37′ The ball is headed around the New Zealand area off the delivery from INIA before being sent clear upfield

36′ New Zealand with room in the middle, however a poor pass from SINGH sees Cooks win possession

35′ Good effort to advance from Dwayne TIPUTOA, he plays to Jarves APERAU who can’t quite control it

33′ INIA with a free kick straight to New Zealand’s keeper Michael WOUD

32′ Cook Islands up the Kiwis end of the pitch but can’t get close to goal

30′ GOAL!!! New Zealand 1-0 Cook Islands Myer BEVAN with his first international goal well-placed in the top right corner

28′ Great play from ROGERSON as he beats the defender to the ball and lays off to SINGH

27′ Cleared very long by Cooks for Dwayne TIPUTOA to chase but its too long for the lone striker

26′ Cook Islands need to clear but there’s confusion in the six-yard box. Close range block from INIA puts it out for a corner

25′ INIA with another great save in the air

23′ DYER breaks through the middle and has SAMUELA well beaten but can’t connect with the forwards

22′ BEVAN gets the ball to ROGERSON who turns his defender but the flag has gone up

20′ Jack-Henry SINCLAIR has gone down behind the Cook Isladns goal line looking fairly uncomfortable

19′ Clayton LEWIS lofts in a decent free kick but INIA has the height to claim

18′ Excellent cross from Luke JOHNSON on the left but SAMUELA is first to it to head clear

17′ New Zealand struggling to adapt to the Cook Islands deep defensive strucuture at the moment

15′ Cook Islands with a free kick, but Conroy TIPUTOA fouls the defender as he leaps to win the ball

14′ Left-foot volley from Sarpreet SINGH just sends his effort around the target

13′ Long ball finds the feet of Logan ROGERSON deep on the line but Sunai JOSEPH manages to get in a block

11′ Jarves APERU with a long throw into the New Zealand area butHunter ASHWORTH is up for the clearance

9′ Myer BEVAN goes 1v1 with INIA but the keeper makes a claim

7′ Lofted to the back of the box and headed goalwards by THOMAS but it’s well caught by Keegan INIA

6′ New Zealand with the first corner of the match

5′ New Zealand on attack, Kimiora SAMUELA’s clearance gets only as far as Sarpreet SINGH

3′ A foul throw from New Zealands Charles THOMAS earns Cook Islands a reprieve

2′ Cook Islands make inroads into the New Zealand half but lose possession on the throw

1′ Samuel MAOATE-COX gets around Logan ROGERSON but he’s halted by a solid Clayton LEWIS tackle which results in a handball from MAOATE-COX

1′ Cook Islands get us underway in Santo against New Zealand

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