New Zealand have qualified for the FIFA U-20 World Cup Korea 2017 and the OFC U-20 final after beating New Caledonia 3-1 in the semi-final in Santo.

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New Zealand: 1. Michael WOUD (GK), 2. Jack-Henry SINCLAIR, 3. Sean LIDDICOAT, 5. Hunter ASHWORTH, 6. Luke JOHNSON, 7. Logan ROGERSON, 8. Moses DYER, 9. Myer BEVAN, 10. Clayton LEWIS (C), 15. Lucas IMRIE,18. Reese COX
Substitutes: 11. Sarpreet SINGH, 12. Cameron BROWN (GK), 13. Charlie THOMAS, 14. Jake PORTER, 16. Joe BELL, 17. George DEBENHAM
Injured: 4. Nando PIJNAKER
Absent: 19. Joshua DIJKSTRA (GK)
Coach: Darren BAZELEY (NZL)

New Caledonia: 1. Mickaël ULILE (GK), 2. Gaëtan GOPE-IWATE, 3. Jean-Marc KAUDRE, 5. Pothin POMA (C), 7. Bryan AUSU, 8. Shene WELEPANE, 10. Thomas GOPE-FENEPEJ, 11. Patrick GOHE, 13. Warren HOUALA, 17. Johanes BERNOLE, 19. Cyril NYPIE
Substitutes: 4. Brice KAI, 6. Wapö ELE-HMAEA, 9. Albert WATRONE, 12. Wéda WAITREU, 14. Romarick LUEPAK, 15. Henri BOUCHERON, 16. Lucas BITAUD, 20. Nathanaël HLEMU (GK)
Suspended: 18. Renzo WEJIEME
Coach: Kamali FITEALEATA (NCL)

Match Officials:
Referee: Kader ZITOUNI (TAH))
Assistant Referee 1: Avinesh NARAYAN (FIJ)
Assistant Referee 2: Hilmon SESE (VAN)
Fourth Official: Salesh CHAND (FIJ)
Reserve Assistant Referee: Phul SINGH (FIJ)

FULL-TIME: New Zealand 3-1 New Caledonia

Three minutes additional time

90′ SUB NCL Shene WELEPANE is replaced by Weda WAITREU

87′ YELLOW CARD Warren HOUALA is cautioned for New Caledonia after a hand ball

84′ YELLOW CARD Albert WATRONE is cautioned for a challenge on DYER

83′ Another free kick off just off the top of Les Cagous area is sent outside the post

81′ DYER whips a free kick around the wall and it’s punched clear by ULILE

80′ SUB NZL Lucas IMRIE is replaced by George DEBENHAM

78′ Sarpreet SINGH put pressure on at the front and BERNOLE opts to put out for a throw

75′ SUB NZL Logan ROGERSON makes room for Sarpreet SINGH

74′ SUB NCL Bryan AUSU is replaced by Henri BOUCHERON

71′ GOAL!! New Zealand 3-1 New Caledonia Reese COX heads the ball in at the far post to extend the lead

70′ SUB NZL Joe BELL comes in for Hunter ASHWORTH

68′ New Zealand have a free kick and they opt to go low and wide for BEVAN

66′ SUB NCL Thomas GOPE-FENEPEJ is replaced by Albert WATRONE

66′ Free kick for New Caledonia is wasted by the side as they give away a corner

64′ GOPE-FENEPEJ a little heavy in his challenge gives away the ball while his side are on attack

62′ GOHE picks up the ball and races upfield

61′YELLOW CARD Thomas GOPE-FENEPEJ is cautioned for New Caledonia

59′ IMRIE races back to halt a rapid counter attack up the left led by GOHE

58′ High pressing from IMRIE and BEVAN

56′ New Caledonia with a corner that drops right into the waiting hands of WOUD

53′ WOUD leaps to collect a well floated free kick and delivers upfield

52′ BEVAN travels solo into the area and unleashes a decent effort but ULILE punches away

51′ YELLOW CARD Logan ROGERSON of NZL and Cyril NYPIE of NCL are cautioned

50′ Pothin POMA makes a decent intercept and travels up the left

48′ IMRIE receives and isn’t off side, he cuts inside a defender but when he shoots a second defender has arrived to block

47′ New Zealand have a go but send it well over the target

46′ New Caledonia kick off the second half of this exciting semi-final

HALF-TIME: New Zealand 2-1 New Caledonia

45′ One minute additional time

44′ LIDDICOAT and HOUALA both chase a ball over the top for New Caledonia and the latter concedes a free kick

43′ New Caledonia try and chip the defence and play their way into the area but WOUD comes out to collect

41′YELLOW CARD Jean-Marc KAUDRE is cautioned

39′ YELLOW CARD Myer BEVAN is cautioned

39′ LIDDICOAT plays the ball through to Clayton LEWIS who is caught offside

38′ DYER whips the free kick in at the near post but it’s seen out for a corner by ULIELE

37′ YELLOW CARD Joanes BERNOLE is cautioned for a challenge on ROGERSON

36′ Corner for New Caledonia curled in at the goal mouth but WOUD is up to collect

33′ YELLOW CARD Jack-Henry SINCLAIR cautioned for an over enthusiatic tackle

32′ YELLOW CARD Reese COX cautioned for taking down Bryan AUSU as he raced towards goal

30′ GOAL!!! New Zealand 2-1 New Caledonia An absolute mess in front of the New Caledonia goal and somehow the ball finds the back of the net it’s awarded to DYER

29′ Strange pass back from Patrick GOHE earns New Zealand a corner

28′ ROGERSON heads a free kick away from goal but New Zealand are still on defence

25′ Great work up from KAUDRE, the eventual shot from Shene WELEPANE comes off the outside of his left and curls away from goal

23′ GOAL!! New Zealand 1-1 New Caledonia Moses DYER dinks the ball in on the bounce for the equaliser

22′ ASHWORTH takes a knowck from his teammates and requires treatment

21′ DYER floats in a free kick, BEVAN plays across in front of goal and Hunter ASHWORTH and IMRIE both leap to head

19′ GOAL!!! New Zealand 0-1 New Caledonia Cyril NYIPE finishes the set piece with pinache, rattling the back of the net with a powerful effort

18′ Free kick just inside the sideline for New Caledonia and there’s numbers coming back for New Zealand to defend this

16′ DYER smashes the free kick well over the cross bar

16′ Cyril NYPIE with a clear foul from behind on IMRIE

15′ Calm clearence from inside the six yard from Thomas GOPE-FENEPEJ

13′ Moses DYER delivers a free kick short at the edge of the box but BEVAN can;t get a good finish

11′ A foul on Luke JOHNSON hand possession back to New Zealand

9′ Quick counter from New Zealand – BEVAN is halted with a great challenge from KAUDRE

8′ New Caledonia whip a corner in and Michael WOUD punches up – the resulting header is jsut wide of the upright

7′ Lucas IMRIE and Luke JOHNSON both needed to halt the run from Jean-Marc KAUDRE

6′ Logan ROGERSON with the ball in the middle plays back and it’s pressure on from Warren HOUALA who blocks the clearance from Jack-Henry SINCLAIR

4′ A powerful volley from Myer BEVAN is punched away by ULILE

3′ Michel ULILE sends a free kick upfield, it’s headed back by Sean Liddicoat

2′ New Zealand in control of the early possession

1′ New Zealand get things underway

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