OFC Club Championship 1999

After a 12 year hiatus, the OFC Club Championship returned in 1999 with nine participating teams.

The tournament was split into three groups of three, with each group winner and the best second-placed side qualifying for the semi-finals. Australian champions South Melbourne, Tahitian champions Venus, and New Zealand champions Central United advanced as the top side in their respective groups, whilst Fijian champions Nadi were given a lifeline as the best second-placed side.

Both semi-finals were played at Churchill Park in Lautoka, with Nadi utilising the home advantage to shock Central United 1-0 and progress to the final. South Melbourne joined them after a convincing 3-0 victory over Venus in the second semi-final. Again South Melbourne proved too good in the final at Prince Charles Park in Nadi, beating the home side 5-1 to claim the second OFC Club Championship title.