The OFC Education Centre

What is the OFC Education Centre?

The OFC Education Centre is an Oceania-wide programme that will provide each of the OFC member associations with an education institute.

Participants will attend the centres to learn, share and acquire knowledge, skills and experience in various aspects of football.

What makes the OFC Education Centre unique?

In the past, OFC have delivered structured courses that offer regionally-recognised qualification involving participants travelling to regional courses overseas.

The OFC Education Centre is different because it provides access to education through the centres in each of the member associations led by local instructors trained by OFC.

The Centres will be run similar to a college and offer a range of courses expanding beyond OFC’s traditional education programmes.

What will be delivered?

OFC Education Centres will offer training and qualification in various areas of football including:

  • Coaching
  • Refereeing
  • Administration and management
  • Sport medicine and fitness
  • High performance and elite development
  • Club management and development
  • Event management

For each area of study, participants will follow a curriculum divided into four levels from which they can obtain qualifications recognised throughout the region:

  • Foundation courses – introductory courses in each topic
  • Certification courses – qualification recognised at member association level
  • Licenced courses – qualification recognised and Oceania level
  • Refresher courses – On-going training for certified or licenced participants

What is the aim of OFC Education Centre?

The aim of OFC Education Centre is to take an active role in encouraging personal, community and professional development in Oceania by:

  • Offering educational hubs and resources for the development of careers in football
  • Upskilling local volunteers to develop football in their communities
  • Encouraging and guiding players, coaches and volunteers to improve their abilities.
  • Providing a sustainable Oceania-wide educational network.

Who are the OFC Education Centres for?

Anyone interested in football, from volunteers to mums and dads, former athletes, community officials and club officials.

Anyone who wishes to build their vocational training in management and development and kick start their career in football.

Why take part?

Participants become part of an Oceania-wide network and enjoy an environmentally-tailored approach to learning while earning regionally-recognised qualification in their chosen area of football.




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