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OFC recognises NZF coaching courses

The quality of the coach development opportunities available through New Zealand Football have received a further seal of approval after formal recognition of several courses by the Oceania Football Confederation.

To go with the OFC / NZF A and B Licences, a further three awards have now been recognised at confederation level with the NZF Senior Level 2 and the Youth Level 3 now becoming the OFC / NZF C Licence (Senior) and the OFC / NZF C Licence (Youth) respectively. The small-sided game has also been included with the NZF Futsal Level 3 Coaching Award being known as the OFC Futsal C Licence (Youth / Senior) from now on.

But the recognition is about far more than a set of name changes with OFC’s official endorsement also underlining the high standing in which these qualifications are now held.

“The ongoing collaboration with New Zealand Football through the licence of recognition is a wonderful opportunity – it allows the two organisations to share their respective resources, knowledge and experience in a game which is constantly evolving and developing,” OFC Technical Director Patrick Jacquemet said.

“Different experiences shape our approaches and the diversity that comes via this collaboration will ensure both OFC and NZF, and in turn the other member associations, will always be up to date with the latest trends in coaching and education.”

New Zealand Football Development Manager Steven Dillon was also positive about the collaboration and the opportunities it offers.

“We see the ongoing collaboration between OFC and NZF as a key contributor towards the growth of our coaching community in this country,“ Dillon said.

“It’s really pleasing to secure this extension of the recognition of our coach education experiences as it illustrates the esteem in which these courses are held, both across the Oceania region and further afield,” he added.

“But we understand that with confederation recognition comes responsibility to ensure the bar remains high and that we continue to build a strong network of coach developers at the C, B and A Licence level to support the work that is being done in this area.”


In addition to the recognition from OFC, there is further positive news for the rapidly-growing sport of futsal with the NZF Futsal Level 2 Coaching Award now updated and available through all federations from next week. This is the next step on the pathway for the hundreds of futsal coaches across the country who have already acquired their Level 1 award as they work towards the new OFC Futsal C Licence.

To learn more about coaching opportunities in both football and futsal in New Zealand please visit www.nzfootball.co.nz/GET-INVOLVED/Coaches or email [email protected]

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