FIFA and Oceania Football Confederation’s refereeing departments delivered a successful three day online course via Zoom. 

Held between August 1-3, the Futuro III Referee Instructors Course, conducted by FIFA Instructor Mohamed Subkhiddin and OFC/FIFA Instructor Tevita Vea, saw 31 participants and five observers across 10 OFC Member Associations engage in group discussions, presentations and video tests on a wide range of subjects.

The workshop focused on some of the key areas of refereeing, including changes to the Laws of the Game, positioning, tackles, challenges, penalty area incidents, handballs and offsides.

The topics, discussions and tests were designed to provide OFC match officials with a greater consistency in their interpretation and decision-making.

OFC Head of Refereeing Kevin Stoltenkamp was delighted with the outcomes of the workshop.

“The course provided a great opportunity to continue with the ongoing education and development of Referee Instructors in the Pacific region,” he said.

“It allowed the Instructors to focus on the methodology to ensure their referees are consistent in their application and understanding of the concepts, considerations and processes regarding their decision-making.”

Malaetala Salanoa from Samoa was pleased with both the course material on offer and the delivery.

“I was able to participate in every topic and I enjoyed sharing opinions and views during each discussion,” he said.

“From my point of view everything was well organised by the instructors and they delivered the concepts and considerations in a way which was clear and easy to understand.”

Mederic Lacour from New Caledonia echoed those sentiments and said the course covered all major topics and provided him with some extra tools he could use in the future.

“The organisation was perfect for me, the animation used was also very good,” he added.