Freshwater Football Stadium project

The Vanuatu Football Federation had the long-standing ambition to one day have a football stadium that would be home to their national teams.

With the introduction of the Forward Programme in 2016, Vanuatu Football Federation immediately set about working with the government to unlock the potential opportunity to realise this ambitious project.

Having received the necessary lease from the Minister for Lands of Vanuatu, the project feasibility stage was approved. Work on the football field and perimeter fencing is now underway. Tenders for the main construction is now underway and work will be ramped up in the coming months.

Once completed, the Fresh Water Football Stadium will house one natural turf pitch, floodlights, stands and seating for fans and all required ancillary stadium facilities for international competition for both men and women.

The design specification for the stadium includes full cabling and wiring to allow for international broadcast of matches. Funding of more than US$4 million has been approved by FIFA Forward.