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Samoa embraces women’s coaching course

Women’s football takes centre stage in Samoa this week with the delivery of a FIFA Women’s Coaching Course to enhance the programmes being delivered by Football Federation Samoa.

OFC Women’s Football Development Officer Nicola Demaine is delivering the course which focuses on further developing Soccer Sisters, the Development Centres, the Centres of Excellence and the All Star League.

“The course is the next level for coaches who have been on a women’s football course before or who have a D or C Licence already,” she said.

“The focus is on creating real football scenarios in the field so players can see realistic problems and learn how to solve them,” she added.

Twenty men and women from Upolu and Savaii were selected to be a part of the course and improve their coaching, something Demaine believes is key to developing quality players in the women’s game.

“The quality of the coaches and the trainings they participate in makes all the difference,” she said.

“The level of these coaches has been high. I’m really impressed with the sessions they have been putting on.

“There is so much potential here but now they need to go and practice what they have learned.”

Demaine was also impressed with the support and enthusiasm for women’s football within FFS.

“Samoa is one of the only countries in OFC where boys and girls are given the same opportunities,” she said.

The FIFA Women’s Coaching Course concludes on Friday 19 September.

For more on Samoa football go to www.footballsamoa.ws .

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