The Solomon Islands Football Federation’s (SIFF) Long Term Strategic Development Plan for the new cycle of 2019-2022 has been passed during the 2020 Ordinary Congress in Honiara at the Kwaimani building.

The plan was proposed by the SIFF Executive Committee under the leadership of President William Lai and was put forward to congress members for deliberation before its approval at the Ordinary Congress on Tuesday.

Entitled ‘Advance our Game, Achieve our Goals’, the 2019-2022 strategic plan’s key targets are infrastructure development, good governance, professionalisation of the administration at both the national and regional level as well as the professionalisation of the management of leagues and competitions.

Other key areas include the promotion of football through grassroots and youth programmes in order to increase participation, the education of coaches, referees, administrators and the professionalisation of the management of the national teams.

Attendees at the SIFF Ordinary Congress on Tuesday.

Lai challenged all provincial football associations and SIFF to do more to achieve the goals laid out in the 2019-2022 Long Term Strategic Development Plan.

“You have learned more about our new strategic plan and I believe we all have a role to play to achieve our goals,” Lai said in his official remarks.

“It is of paramount importance that all of us have to play our part to achieve what we have agreed on as an organisation.

“I am confident that we will do more in our capacity as Presidents of our respective provincial football associations.”

Meanwhile, SIFF Vice President, Marlon Houkarawa, highlighted the key messages of the long term development plan in his closing statement.

“When we go back, let’s go back with this new vision that says to advance football and to achieve our goals,” he said.

“So if we look at the statement it means we have to step up and deliver to a higher level than we did in the past four years.

“Let’s do things differently so we can easily achieve the goals and results that we set out to achieve as a football body.

“All of us sitting here, members and also other stakeholders, including our sponsors or the government and provincial government members, we want to develop and achieve something; we want to be competitive both nationally and internationally.”

Other documents adopted by the Congress were the SIFF Activity Report 2019, the Financial Statements and Audit Report 2019, the 2021 SIFF Budget and Appointment of SIFF Ethics Committee members.