Solomon Islands and New Zealand have drawn their final Group B match at Luganville Soccer City Stadium in Santo at the OFC U-20 Championship.

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Solomon Islands: 1. Desmond TUTU (GK), 2. Sedrick DOLIASI, 3. Joe GISE, 4. Richard RARAMO (C), 5. Kisina SILAS, 6. Steven TOLEYI, 7. David FILIA, 10. Albert WITNEY, 11. Adrian RICKSON, 16. Augustine WAITA, 17. Israel TATAI
Substitutes: 8. Molis GAGAME, 9. Jabeth SOLOMON, 12. Harold NAUANIA (GK), 13. Ian KALU, 14. Darold KAKASI, 15. Sandrack TUI, 18. Alvin RAY, 19. Larry ZAMA, 20. John DAUTA

Coach: Pedro MATEO (ESP)

New Zealand: 1. Michael WOUD (GK) (C), 2. Jack-Henry SINCLAIR, 3. Sean LIDDICOAT, 5. Hunter ASHWORTH, 6. Luke JOHNSON, 7. Logan ROGERSON, 9. Myer BEVAN, 14. Jake PORTER, 15. Lucas IMRIE, 16. Joe BELL, 18. Reese COX
Substitutes: 8. Moses DYER, 10. Clayton LEWIS, 11. Sarpreet SINGH, 12. Cameron BROWN (GK), 13. Charlie THOMAS, 17. George DEBENHAM
Injured: 4. Nando PIJNAKER
Absent: 19. Joshua DIJKSTRA (GK)

Coach: Darren BAZELEY (NZL)

Match Officials:
Referee: Mederic LACOUR (NCL)
Assistant Referee 1: Bertrand BRIAL (NCL)
Assistant Referee 2: Phul SINGH (FIJ)
Fourth Official: Salesh CHAND (FIJ)

FULL-TIME | New Zealand and Solomon Islands draw 0-0

90’+4′ COX gets under it but send it over the goal

90’+3′ A free kick for New Zealand with the wind blowing in their favour – SINGH is in behind

90’+2′ Solomon Islands go on attack but COX covers well for a goal kick which is quickly sent upfield

90′ Three minutes additional time

89′ Well taken free kick forces a diving save from WOUD

88′ YELLOW CARD Luke JOHNSON is cautioned after bringing down ZAMA from behind

87′ Cleared by Solomons to touch but they’re under pressure as New Zealand searches hard for a winner

86′ Cleared by Kisina SILAS but it comes back in and BEVAN flashes it low just outside the post

84′ Massive smash upfield from Adrian RICKSON with LIDDICOAT just cutting in ahead of TATAI

82′ SUB NZL Charlie THOMAS comes in for Joe BELL who has started cramping up

81′ A low drive hits the wall and SINCLAIR recovers well to clear upfield

80′ A bouncing shot from TATAI but WOUD manages to palm it away from danger

79′ YELLOW CARD Substitute George DEBENHAM goes in the book after trying to pull back TATAI on the break

78′ Sloppy feet from SOLOMON sees him bring down SINCLAIR and concede a free kick

77′ Another save from TUTU with BEVAN bearing down

76′ SUB SOL Larry ZAMA comes in for Augustine WAITA

76′ A chance for Solomon Islands but WOUD is up to claim

75′ SUB NZL Jake PORTER makes room for George DEBENHAM

74′ TUTU comes to the edge of the box to save as PORTER looks to touch it goalwards

63′ LIDDICOAT puts enough pressure on TATAI as he races up the left to upset the cross and see it sent over the goaline

71′ A curled bolt from FILIA just shies away from the target

70′ IMRIE crosses to MYER waiting in front of goal but TUTU dives in front to smother the ball

69′ BELL squeezes between two Solo players to deliver a great ball forward

68′ SUB NZL Sarpreet SINGH comes in for Hunter ASHWORTH

68′ Long throw into the box but Solomon do enough to clear

66′ Solomon Islands are looking for a way forward and find it up the left wing

65′ SOLOMON given a talking to by the ref after dragging ASHWORTH down in the NZL corner

63′ SOLOMON tries to tip the ball over the defender for TATAI to chase but he hasn’t given it enough air

61′ YELLOW CARD Hunter ASHWORTH of New Zealand is cautioned

60′ SUB SOL Albert WITNEY is replaced by Jabeth SOLOMON

59′ Long throw from SINCLAIR

58′ A goal-line save from Solomon Islands denies New Zealand what looked like a certain goal

56′ ROGERSON gets back and wins the ball but his pass is poor and GISE wins it back easily for Solomon Islands

54′ Free kick for SOLO just off the centre circle is delivered directly at WOUD by RARAMO

54′ Hunter ASHWORH wins and sends long from his own penalty area as Solo has gone looking for the goal

52′ WITNEY is on the left calling and GISE sees him but the pass is helped out in the breeze

50′ WOUD has to boot clear and a quick counter comes from New Zealand – RARAMO makes a timely run across the area to clear

49′ LIDDICOAT with a cross field delivery into the penalty area is covered well by TUTU

47′ Long ball from SOL is left to run by SINCLAIR

46′ Back underway in Santo with New Zealand on attack and a diving save from TUTU

HALF-TIME: Solomon Islands and New Zealand locked at 0-0 at the half-time break

45′ One minute of additional time

43′ Indirect free kick for New Zealand 5m off the goal line and its over the goal off a solid wall of Solomon defenders

42′ SINCLAIR with a quick counter and it’s a scramble at the back after TUTU leaves his goal open

41′ Free kick for Solomons after a foul from SINCLAIR on WITNEY

39′ RARAMO lifts the free kick upfield but COX is high to head wide

38′ TUTU dives on a long range effort from New Zealand

37′ Free kick for New Zealand after a foul by WITNEY – BELL sends too long

36′ BEVAN looks good to score but is disrupted by TUTU and the defence is able to clear

35′ Great work up from Solomon Islands but they get trapped in the corner and the eventual shot lacks power

33′ WITNEY brings the ball down with one touch out to TATAI but the pass back is picked up by SINCLAIR

32′ Joe BELL puts in a cross but it takes a deflection and spins out for a corner

32′ Plenty of bodies in the Solomon Islands box but the attackers can’t get a clean shot off

30′ TATAI goes for an overhead delivery but is well off target

29′ A chance for NZL but TUTU smothers the effort well to deny

28′ WITNEY has hold of the shirt of Sean LIDDICOAT and the New Zealanders have a free kick on the half

27′ A bullet off the left foot of FILIA is just wide of the post

26′ Big challenge from Jack-Henry SINCLAIR on TATAI as Solomons counter-attack with pace up the left

25′ New Zealand pressing into the final third but cleared out by DOLIASI

23′ Israel TATAI tries to side foot over Michael WOUD in goal but it’s just inches over the cross bar

22′ IMRIE touches down, takes two steps and shoots at the near post but it’s taken by TUTU

20′ Great play up the line from DOLIASI and WAITA but they can’t quite keep it in on the final pass

19′ Ball into the but there’s no power behind IMRIE’s header and TUTU claims with ease

18′ Solomon Islands are tripping over themselves and give the ball away through a foul

17′ RARAMO with a poor clearance puts Solomons under pressure as the ball ping pongs around the penalty area

16′ JOHNSON lifts the cross over the defence and BEVAN gets a good head to it but TUTU has his goal covered

15′ DOLIASI does well to watch the ball out for a throw with BEVAN closing in

13′ The touch from Sedrick DOLIASI isn’t good and Luke JOHNSON manages to take off his foot

12′ NZL are tight in the Solomons’ corner and manage to free it out to COX to deliver goalward

11′ Solomon Islands make an organised series of passes through the Kiwis before Logan ROGERSON steps in to win the ball

10′ Albert WITNEY wins in the middle and sends WAITA in behind the defence but COX manages to slide in and disrupt the attack

9′ Cross comes in from Joe GISE and a free Augustine WAITA jsut can’t quite get there to poke in at the back post

7′ Cross comes in but Richard RARAMO manages to get a foot in before Jake PORTER

5′ Solomon Isladns with the ball trying to build something from the back

3′ Free kick sent upfield by Solomon Islands and they win a second one after a shove from Reese COX from behind

3′ TUTU takes as Myer BEVAN applies the pressure

1′ New Zealand with an early opportunity but Desmond TUTU has come off his line to boot clear

1′ Solomon Islands kick us off at Luganville Soccer City Stadium

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