Under the watchful eye of OFC Refereeing Consultant Neil Poloso, 19 referees participated in the Solomon Islands Football Federation (SIFF) FIFA-MA Beach Soccer Refereeing Course in late September.  

The course took place between September 20-23 and the referees came from the Honiara Football Association, Malaita Football Association and Western Football Association. 

The main objective of the course was to teach the referees to apply the Beach Soccer Laws of the Game amendments which focus on fairness, integrity, respect and safety.  

It also encouraged participation by everyone regardless of their background or abilities, by simplifying the game and aligning aspects of beach soccer to football and futsal. 

Poloso, who is based in the Solomon Islands, said the course was successful.  

“It went really well and we achieved each objective set for our beach soccer referees,” Poloso said.  

“They acquired the necessary knowledge to improve their skills while creating uniformity in the interpretations of the new amendments.  

“I was happy to witness how the course benefitted our participants each day.”