Tahiti and Solomon Islands have drawn 2-2 on Match Day 1 of the OFC U-20 Championship in Santo, Vanuatu.

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Tahiti: 16. Tetahio TERIINOHOPUAITERAI (GK), 2. Brandon AUTAI, 4. Vaianui DROLLET, 5. Hauragi HURI, 6. Ryan PETITGAS, 8. Ro’onui TINIRAUARII, 9. Heirauarii SALEM (C), 11. Sandro TAU, 15. Marcus SIEJIDR, 18. Kaena ONUU, 20. Raumatahi NOHO
Substitutes: 1. Moana PITO (GK), 7. Roonui TEHAU, 10. Michel MAIHI, 12. Rainui NORDMAN, 13. Joachim TEANUANUA, 14. Toriki GUYOT, 17. Raivaru HANERE, 19. Daniel SEINO
Injured: 3. Tuma TIATOA

Coach: Ludovic GRAUGNARD (TAH)

Solomon Islands: 1. Desmond TUTU (GK), 2. Sedrick DOLIASI, 3. Joe GISE, 4. Richard RARAMO (C), 5. Kisina SILAS, 6. Steven TOLEYI, 7. David FILIA, 9. Jabeth SOLOMON, 10. Albert WITNEY, 11. Adrian RICKSON, 16. Augustine WAITA
Substitutes: 8. Molis GAGAME, 12. Harold NAUANIA (GK), 13. Ian KALU, 14. Darold KAKASI, 15. Sandrack TUI, 17. Israel TATAI, 18. Alvin RAY, 19. Larry ZAMA, 20. John DAUTA

Coach: Pedro MATEO (ESP)

Referee: Joel HOPKEN (VAN)
Assistant Referee 1: Jeremy GARAE (VAN)
Assistant Referee 2: Hilmon SESE (VAN)
Fourth Official: Mederic LACOUR (NCL)

FULL-TIME: Tahiti and Solomon Islands draw 2-2 in Santo.

90’+2′ Alvin RAY with a driving run at goal is only halted by a sliding tackle from DROLLET

90′ Three minutes additional time

90′ Superhuman save from TERIINOHOPUAITERAI to twice deny Solomon Islands

90′ Free kick for Solomon Islands on the very edge of the box

89′ SUB SOL Molis GAGAME comes into the game for Jabeth SOLOMON

87′ GUYOT immediately called into action as he cuts around a defender and lays off a delightful left foot strike that floats just over the cross bar

86′ SUB TAH Toriki GUYOT enters the game replacing Kaena ONUU

83′ Tahiti win a free kick on the half and take it quick but ZAMA has switched sides and wins back

82′ SUB TAH Marc SIEJIDR is replaced by Rainui NORDMAN

81′ A free kick for Tahiti is sent into the waiting arms of TUTU by Raumatahi NOHO

80′ SUB SOL Augustine WAITA is replaced by Alvin RAY

77′ YELLOW CARD Larry ZAMA brings ONUU down from behind and receives a caution

76′ Two blocks from Tahiti to deny a goal from the free kick and its after math

75′ DROLLET with a big challenge on WITNEY concedes a free kick in dangerous territory just off the top corner of the penalty area

74′ TUTU reaches up to claim a ball dropping from the heavens

73′ AUTAI just a little quicker in the footrace with ZAMA to clear

71′ ZAMA proving a real threat up the left, once again testing the Tahitian defence with a swift attack

70′ SUB TAH Michel MAIHI comes in for Sandro TAU

70′ ZAMA flashes a low cross in which loses speed as it comes into the arms of the keeper

68′ Free kick for Solomons is sent deep into the corner and Tahiti manage to clear upfield for a counter

65′ GOAL!!! Tahiti 2-2 Solomon Islands TERIINOHOPUAITERAI can’t deny Richard RARAMO’s powerful strike tipping it over his head into the net

63′ Two quick chances for Solomon Islands but the second from WAITA is enveloped in the arms of TERIINOHOPUAITERAI

62′ SUB SOL Adrian RICKSON makes room for Larry ZAMA

60′ Great counter from Solomon Islands sends Jabeth SOLOMON on the chase and he’s just beaten to the bal lby HURI

58′ SIEJIDR goes down softly and Tahiti earn a free kick from it

56′ WITNEY leaps to block but misses allowing HURI to send upfield

54′ The ball is sent across the field in search of the feet of WAITA but there’s a timely slide from ONUU

50′ GOAL!! Tahiti 2-1 Solomon Islands Albert WITNEY slots under a diving TERITERAIIINOHOPUA from the penalty spot

48′ YELLOW CARD Vaianui DROLLET brings down Adrian RICKSON in the box

47′ Tahiti earn a free kick but Solomon deal with it well to launch a counter attack

46′ Tahiti gets us underway in the second half

HALF-TIME: Tahiti 2-0 Solomon Islands

45′ One minute additional time

44′ Solomon Islands on attack hoping to grab something before the break

41′ TINIRAUARII is brought down by RARAMO as he slips between two defenders

38′ YELLOW CARD Albert WITNEY is cautioned for Solomon Islands after a late challenge on HURI

37′ YELLOW CARD Brandon AUTAI is cautioned after dropping Richard RARAMO

34′ GOAL!! Tahiti 2-0 Solomon Islands Captain Heirauarii SALEM pings his free kick off the post and into the net

33′ Free kick for Tahiti just a few metres off the top of the box and there’s three players over the ball wanting to take

31′ RICKSON fluffs a chance in front of goal as he sends it up and over

31′ Offside flag goes up on SEIJDR

29′ A bit of shoving in the area as the sides await the corner delivery earns a couple of players a talking to from referee Joel HOPKEN

28′ Raumatahi NOHO sends in a corner and manages to earn a second corner from the other side

27′ Tahiti force Solomon Islands to rush back to defend

24′ TUTU leaps high to claim a looped high ball

23′ Sandro TAU makes an excellent run playing wide to Riibui TINIRAUARII hoping to receive in the middle

20′ Augustine AITA with a fantastic run up the right, tries to turn in a cross only to have it blocked at the near post by Hauragi HURI

19′ Tahiti win in the middle and send a long ball for SIEJDR to chase but it’s brought down by the defence

17′ Albert WITNEY races into the area on the chase but TERIIOHOPUAITERAI scoops up

16′ Tahiti are defending well against the Solomon Islands but with the ball on the surface the Melanesian side looks very threatening

13′ GOAL!! Tahiti 1-0 Solomon Islands A rapid counter attack catches Solomons on the back foot and allows Marc SIEJDR to smash a shot past Desmond TUTU

12′ Stunning save from TERIIOHOPUAITERAI at the near post

11′ Hauari HURI uses the back of his head to clear a shot as he runs towards his own goal

9′ Decent free kick taken by Heiauarii SALEM and RICKSON has to leap high to head away from his goal

7′ TERIIOHOPUAITERAI times his dive well to deny a threatening attack from Solomon Islands

6′ Spiralling clearance from TERIIOHOPUAITERAI is controlled by Adrian RICKSON who makes a rapid advance

4′ Pressure from Jabeth SOLOMON up the left and Brandon AUTAI shepherds him well to win a throw

2′ Solomon Islands make a rapid advance up the left before switching. The volley from Augustine WAITA is caught by Tetahio TERIINOHOPUAITERAI

1′ Solomon Islands get things underway in the second Match Day 1 encounter in Santo

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