Tahiti is drawing on new blood for its upcoming friendly tri-series with Fiji and Solomon Islands, calling on the top scorer of French amateur club FC Lannion to strengthen its front-line.

Kader Lazreg has a Polynesian mother and an Algerian father making him eligible for Tahiti, a factor national team coach Sam Garcia was quick to exploit.

For the striker, despite the first contact coming in November 2019, it was a pleasant surprise to receive a call up in January 2020.

“It’s a source of pride and honour to be able to represent my mother’s home country, I’m pleased to be making my parents happy, they’re my mains supporters,” Lazreg said.

The tri-series tournament is an opportunity for Tahiti to prepare the national team ahead of the OFC Nations Cup 2020 in June.

For the future international it will provide an opportunity to show what he can contribute to the country’s OFC Nations Cup and FIFA World Cup Qualifying campaigns.

“I need to perform well, whether it’s during a match or in training,” he explained.

“It was really unexpected for a player like me to be part of such an experience, I’m going to do everything I can to get the coach to pick me in June.”

Lazreg won’t play for the club before his departure, citing potential injury.

“Unconsciously, you’re scared to get injured. Also, after a discussion with the coach, he was happy for me to leave my place for someone else who will be at 100 per cent.”