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Unknown quantity catches Gamel’s eye

Josateki Tamudu got his first start for Rewa FC. Image: OFC via Massimo Colombini

To many the name Josateki Tamudu doesn’t mean much.

But for Fiji’s new national coach Christophe Gamel the name marks the future of football in the island nation.

Playing for Rewa FC in domestic competitions, Tamudu’s attractive style of play is what caught the eye of the former Paris Saint Germain assistant coach who has indicated his approach to the game is how he sees football in Fiji progressing

“I saw him playing and was really impressed with his style of play,” Gamel said.

“He is a defender who is able to transition to attack well and that’s what I want my players to be learning and doing.”

For the 25-year-old defender, earning his first call up for the Bula Boys was a surprise.

“It’s an honour of course but to be honest I didn’t expect it,” Tamudu said.

“But I got the call up and I’m excited.”

Tamudu said he tries to keep his head down and just play leaving decisions about the line-up for the coaches.

“He’s an experienced coach, he was assistant for PSG, so to notice me playing is an honour in itself,” he said.

“For me it’s a good thing and I will try and do my best.”

Tamudu is currently in Tahiti with Rewa FC as both the player and the club debut in the OFC Champions League.

“I’m excited about being here with Rewa,” Tamudu said.

“I’m from Rewa myself so this is my home district and it’s an honour playing for them.

“I’ve been with them a couple of years now and it’s always good playing with the home boys. We know each other pretty well now.”

Tamudu believes having so many friends in the squad has been a good thing for helping him develop.

“Iosefo is a Rewa boy and it’s good to play with people like him and the rest of the experienced players – it gives me confidence.”

Tamudu got his first run for Rewa in the OFC Champions League in the side’s 2-0 loss to Group D hosts AS Tefana last night.

Josateki Tamudu in action for Rewa in the OFC Champions League. Image: OFC via Massimo Colombini.

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