Two Just Play Regional Development Officers Meetings held in Vanuatu earlier this month allowed participants to reflect on the programme in 2020 in order to build on that success in 2021.

Facilitated by Just Play Programme Manager Rorona Kalsakau, also Vanuatu Football Federation Deputy General Secretary, each workshop held in the Northern and Southern Regions, ran for three days.

In Luganville, support came from northern mentor Vital Tanemeulip and while in Port Vila, southern mentor Benjamin Kalo was the co-facilitator.

Among the topics covered was the outlining of the new Just Play Programme approach alongside refreshers on the working guidelines and procedures of different Just Play activities, chronological planning and reporting.

The course also provided an opportunity to cover the importance of communication and collating stories of change to support monitoring and evaluation and show the real-life impact of the Just Play Programme.

While some of the Northern Region development officers were unable to attend, those participants who were present across the three days said it was a positive experience.

“I feel that the three days course has helped me a lot in having confidence in starting the 2021 programme,” said Claudia Warsal, Luganville Just Play Development Officer.

For those Port Vila-based attendees of the Southern Region Workshop, the outcomes were equally positive.

“I have learned a lot of new things during the meeting, which is not just about football but also about the messages being shared through fun games,” said Jocelyn Namak, a Port Vila teacher.

“Through this workshop I have realised I have to review back my programme and identify the challenges faced and the proposed solutions to work on in 2021.”

Rissa Shem Albert, Epi Just Play Development Officer, said the workshop was delivered in a manner that fits his understanding and capabilities.

“The workshop was fantastic as it gave me a lot of in-depth knowledge, standards and procedures of the Development Officer role. I would love to see it held more regularly and in a way which allows us to see how the programme is being carried out on other islands as well.”

The Just Play Regional Development Officers Workshop helped kick off the activities for 2021 with the participants now working with their communities to deliver trainings and prepare to implement the 2021 workplan across Vanuatu.