As part of their Coupe de Calédonie (New Caledonia Cup) semi-final earlier this month, Hienghène Sport hosted residents from Nouméa disabled home Maison Gabriel Poedi.

The initiative is something the club has been doing since 2019, when they visited MGP as part of their pre-match walk ahead of the Oceania Champions League final in Nouméa.

Hienghène Sport manager Ritchi Bouanou said the club and MGP residents have shared a close bond ever since. 

“The people of MGP have been very big fans of the Hienghène Sport club and its players,” Bouanou said.

“In 2019 the players were shocked and surprised by the lives of young disabled people and the difficulties they can face.

“The players have realised their ability to make these people happy.”

 Hienghène Sport now involve MGP in events throughout the year, with both organisations benefiting from the exchange.

“It’s a beautiful story between Hienghène Sport and MGP,” Bouanou added.

Hienghène went on to win the semi-final against AS Kunié, before they beat Tiga Sport in the final to win the Cup and book a place in the seventh round of the Coupe de France (French Cup).