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Fitness will help make the difference

After two months of intensive fitness and tactical training the side should be close to hitting their peak, and with matches against World and European champions Spain, Nigeria and Uruguay looming fitness trainer Kader Touati is hopeful he has done enough to help the Toa Aito put forward a strong challenge.
“Above all, it is necessary to know that there is a big difference between what the players do with the clubs and what they need to do in order to compete against these players of a very high level who train every day, and are paid to do that,” Touati said.
“In three months we cannot reach their level. Even if the Polynesian players possess an inherent power, what we are looking for in football is speed and power. Football today is speed. In two to three touches of the ball, you can get a goal.
“We are going to be faced with Spanish players capable of scoring every two to three minutes, and the very physical Nigerians capable of running for 90 minutes. If you aren’t physically ready, you will be totally exhausted that’s for sure.”
Touati said the Toa Aito have spent almost every day building their fitness for just over six weeks in the lead up to their departure.
“We have worked on fitness every day, mostly in the morning. The afternoons in general have been reserved for football alone. Some players had some very difficult weeks, but the bodies have gradually become accustomed.”
While the focus had been on reaching a certain level of fitness and physical readiness for Brazil, Touati said it is also necessary to arrive fresh.
“We reduced the volume and altered the intensity as the date of departure got closer. The week ahead of our departure has been based on the game and resting.”
Touati said trying to get the side to Brazil in top physical condition has involved more than just physical fitness, but has also relied on working with a medical team to reduce the risk of injuries.
“The players aren’t robots. We need to take into account injuries, the heat, fatigue and more. All of this has been integrated into the global preparation programme. We cannot forget, either, the invisible preparations. There is that which happens on the field, but also all the rest – sleep, food and other important elements,” he said.
“We have tried to have preparations that are as professional as possible with the human resources and materials at our disposal.”
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