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New Caledonia: 1. Karine XOZAME (GK) (C), 3. Flaureen AUSU, 4. Mune BAKO, 5. Ami-Nata AJAPUHNYA, 6. Isabelle ILENGO, 7. Elise LALIE, 8. Jackie PAHOA, 10. Marie-Laure PALENE, 11. Cassidy CAWA, 12. Lucinda KOINDREDI, 14. Yvonne XOWI
Substitutes: 13. Océane ZASINA, 15. Justine MALAXAN, 16. Jessica ALI SAÏD, 17. Nancy NYADOUN, 19. Joelle LEME,
Injured: 2. Darnelle HACE, 9. Shaya IHMELING, 18. Katinka TAKAMATSU, 20. Kathleen WAUNIE (GK)
Coach:Matthieu DELCROIX
Tonga:21. Mele AKOLO (GK), 4. Heilala MOALA, 5. Kalolaine TALIAULI, 6. Ana POLOVILI, 7. Carmel UHILA, 8. Seini LUTU, 9. Meleseini TUFUI (C), 10. Mele KAFA, 11. Alexandra FIFITA, 17. Losa TUAPAUU, 19. Siunipa TALASINGA
Substitutes: 1. Luseane VIVILI (GK), 2. Sosefina HAVEA, 3. Manu LATU, 12. Moika LEFAI, 13. Virginia TUIPULOTU, 14. Ofa FISI, 16. Taipaleti VAI, 18. Patricia LIKILIKI, 20. Adrienne TAHITUA (GK)
Coach:Tiane KOANETI
Match officials
Referee: Tupou PATIA (COK)
Assistant Referee 1: Terry PIRI (COK)
Assistant Referee 2: John PAERENGA (COK)
Fourth Official: Averii JACQUES (TAH)
FULL TIME: New Caledonia open the 2016 OFC U-17 Women’s Championship with a 5-0 victory over Tonga
90+4′ Tonga with a throw deep inside their defensive half
90+2′ Some tired bodies out there now, New Caledonia with the ball
90+1′ 3 minutes of additional time
89′ Yvonne XOWI one-on-one with the keeper, but pokes the ball wide
88′ GOAL!!! 5-0 NCLvTGA AL SAID shoots and scores
87′ SUB:Jackie PAHOA off for New Caledonia and Jessica ALI SAID on
86′ SUB: New Caledonia bring Nancy NYADOUN on for Marie-Luce PALENE
86′ LEME fires wide for New Caledonia
84′ Tonga with a chance of their own at the other end, smothered well by keeper XOZAME
83′ AKOLO clears into her own defender, but Tonga survive conceeding a fifth
82′ Tonga struggling in the heat now, wth New Caledonia holding the ball well
79′ GOAL!!! 4-0 NCLvTGA Elisa LAILE hits home another for New Caledonia
78′ Play resumes after the drinks break
75′ The teams break for a drink
71′ GOAL!!! 3-0 NCLvTGA Lucinda KOINDREDI nets New Caledonia’s third
71′ SUB: CAWA off and Joelle LEME on for New Caledonia
70′ AKOLO races out to collect after her defence is beaten in behind
69′ New Caledonia calling for a foul inside the box, but play continues
67′ New Caledonia fire a shot up over the bar
65′ SUB: Tonga bring on Ofa FISI on for Losa TUAPAUU
63′ LUTU down hurt after a foul. Tonga will have a free kick when play resumes
61′ Tonga with a free kick which BAKO heads away from danger
60′ Tonga with a corner, but they can’t create a shot out of it
60′ Another quality save from AKOLO, picking the ball up from her fett after a driven New Caledonia effort
59′ ILENGO strolls through the middle with ease, but is evetually stopped by a Tonga defender
57′ Tonga create a two-on-one, but New Caledonia scramble to get back
56′ Some phyical play in the middle from both teams, but referee Averii JACQUES allows play to go on
54′ Great save from AKOLO after palming the intial shot down
53′ Tonga trying to push through, but the New Ca;edonia line repels them
51′ AKOLO claims a pwerful shot from distance
49′ New Caledonia offside, Tonga free kick
47′ Back underway here at the CIFA Aacademy
46′ SUB Ana POLOVILI off and Monika LEFAI on for Tonga
46′ SUB Patricia LIKILIKI on and Kalolaine TALIAULI off for Tonga
Half time: New Caledonia lead Tonga 2-0
45+3′ Tonga with a chance just before the break, but they can’t beat the New Caledonia defence
45+3′ AKOLO out to clear a New Caledonia long ball
45+1′ Tonga survive again after New Caledonia’s shot pings off the post
45′ PAHOA found offside, free kick Tonga
43′ LUTU fires a bullet at goal for Tonga, but Karine XOZAME claims well
43′ Tonga in on goal aftr some nice footwork from POLOVILI, but New Caledonia stop the threat with a quality tackle
41′ Ana POLOVILI creating plenty for Tonga, but their last pass isn’t finding the mark
40′ LALIE shoots from outside the box, but it’s wide of the goal
39′ New Caledonia with a throw deep inside their defensive half
38′ After losing the ball Marie-Luce PALENE tracks back well and shuts down a Tonga attack
37′ Brave save from AKOLO at the feet of the striker. Tonga survive after the initial shot pinged off the post
35′ ILENGO with a long run, eventually stopped by Heilala MOALA
35′ Play resumes after the drinks break
31′ Short break for the players to take on some water
30′ Elisa LALIE into the box, but she trips and AKOLO claims the ball
29′ Mune BAKO shuts down the Tonga attack with a good covering tackle
28′ Tonga now enjoying some time with the ball
27′ Back-to-back corners for Tonga, but they can’t get a shot away
26′ Seini LUTU creates a great chance for Tonga, but AUSU blocks the effort. Tonga corner
25′ Ana POLOVILI floats a ball through for Tonga, but the chase is too slow
23′ Tonga with a couple of long balls forward, but New Caledonia clear away
22′ Meleseini TUFUI with a last-ditch clearance to deny New Caledonia a shot
21′ Tonga awarded a free kick from inside their own half after a foul
19′ The ball is in the back of the net, but New Caledonia called back for offside
19′ Great read from Isabelle ILENGO shuts down a promising Tonga attack
18′ New Caledonia through, but the shot is well wide
17′ New Caledonia blown offside again
16′ Tonga work it out from their half after a throw in
15′ New Caledonia caught offside, Tonga free kick on the edge of the box
14′ Tonga stuggling to get back in defence as New Caledonia race forward
13′ AKOLO called into action again, with New Caledonia enjoying all the ball
10′ GOAL!!! NCL 2 TGA 0 PAHOA with another screaming effort and she collects her second.
10′ Tonga with a free kick deep in the attacking half, but the opportunity is wasted and New Caledonia clear
9′ Cassidy CAWA in behind for New Caledonia, but her shot doesn’t have much power and is saved
8′ AKOLO collects a back pass and returns the ball to the middle of the park
7′ Free kick for Tonga, but Carmel UHILA hits it out for a New Caledonia throw
6′ Big collison on the ball between Kalolaine TALIAULI a nd her marker. Tonga throw in
5′ New Caledonia with some confidence after the goal looking in charge
3′ GOAL!!! Jackie PAHOA smashes the ball into the back of the net for an early lead. New Caledonia 1-0
3′ Play bogged down in the middle of the park with both sides enjoying some time with the ball
2′ Early touch for Tonga keeper Mele AKOLO, safely collected
1′ We are underway here in the first match of the 2016 OFC U-17 Women’s Championship

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