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Cook Islands: 1. Keegan INIA (GK) (C), 2. Jarves APERAU, 4. Sunai JOSEPH, 5. Michael WOOD, 7. Samuel MAOATE-COX, 8. Cahjun WILLIS, 11. Thane BEAL, 13. Orin RUAINE-PRATTLEY, 14. Conroy TIPUTOA, 16. Kimiora SAMUELA, 18. Dwayne TIPUTO
Substitutes: 3. George ELLIS, 6. William NAPA, 12. Melbourne MATAKINO, 17. Kristian YOUNG
Coach: Tuka TISAM (COK)
American Samoa: 1. Kinilau POULI (GK), Sione MOEAKI, 3. Willie MALELE, 5. Paul COLLINS (C), 8. Joe PURCELL, 9. Steven FISO, 10. Ferrin MANULELEUA, 11. Gabriel TAUMUA, 12. Tor-Lawrence MANA’O, 13. Takai POULI, 17. Aliva NAUTU
Substitutes: 23. Hinckley TUFA (GK), 4. Frank HUNT, 6. Michael SETTLE, 7. Tauamo FE’A, 14. Joseph CHOI, 15. Tala AUVAA, 16. Simi MOAETEAU, 18. Masila SIUA
Coach: Sione MAU (TGA)
Match Officials
Referee: Joel HOPKKEN (VAN)
Assistant Referee 1: Jeffery SOLODIA (SOL)
Assistant Referee 2: Ujwaal MUDLIAR (FIJ)
Fourth Official: Nelson SOGO (SOL)
90′ Fourth official indicates 2 minutes of added time
89′ SUB ASA Gabriel TAUMUA replaced by Simi MOAETEAU
84′ Tor MANA’O with a long range attempt but he doesn’t trouble Cook Islands goalkeeper Keegan INIA
80′ With the result beyond doubt all intensity went out of the game
77′ SUB ASASione MOEAKI is replaced by Tala AUVAA
76′ SUB COKJarves APERAU is replaced by Kristian YOUNG
73′ SUB COK Kimiora SAMUELA is replaced by Melbourne MATAKINO
72′ GOAL!!! COK 5-0 ASA Dwayne TIPUTOA scores his third following another powerful run
72′ SUB ASA Willie MALELE is replaced by Joseph CHOI
70′ Michael WOOD stifles an American Samoan counter
66′ Thane BEAL heads over the bar from a cross sent in by Samuel MAOATE-COX
66′ Cook Islands are in total control the players are enjoying themselves
62′ Dwayne TIPUTOA misses a chance to score his hat-trick by driving straight at American Samoa goalkeeper from inside the box
60′ YELLOW CARD COK Samuel MAOATE-COX receives a yellow card
59′ YELLOW CARD COK Orin RUAINE-PRATTLEY receives a yellow card
58′ GOAL!!! COK 4-0 ASA Dwayne TIPUTOA grabs his brace following a strong run on the left, POULI had no chance this time
56′ GOAL!!! COK 3-0 ASA Dwayne TIPUTOA puts the eesult beyond any doubt with a shot from the edge of the box which is misjudged by POULI
54′ American Samoa goalkeeper Kinilau POULI punches clear a cross MAOATE-COX
51′ Samuel MAOATE-COX crosses deep after a strong run on the left flank
50′ Gabriel TAUMUA with a long range strike that goes wide of the right post
48′ Both sides struggling to hold possession after vthe restart
46′ We underway with the second half, Cook Islands with the kick off
45′ Fourth official indicates 1 minute of added time
41′ YELLOW CARD COK Jarves APERAU receives a yellow card
37′ GOAL!!! COK 2-0 ASA Kimiora SAMUELA doubles his side’s advantage by tapping iinto the empty net following a strong run and a good cross from the left by Conroy TIPUTOA
33′ Cook Islands growing in confidence, Dwayne TIPUTOA cross from the left just goes across the face of the goal
31′ GOAL!!! COK 1-0 ASA Michael WOOD shoots from the edge of the box on the left and the ball just passes the diving American Samoa keeper Kinilau POULI
29′ YELLOW CARD Paul COLLINS receives a yellow card
27′ Cook Islands on the attack but Samuel MAOATE-COX is flagged offside
25′ Paul COLLINS with a long range effort but his rifling shot misses the crossbar
23′ Gabriel TAUMUA curles the ball over the ball but Keegan INIA makes a good save
22′ Free kick for American Samoa in dangerous position, 25 metres out and straight in front
20′ Willie MALELE does well to head clear a a long throw from Samuel MAOATE-COX
17’Thane BEAL miscues his shot inside the box from an incoming free kick on the left
15′ Sunai JOSEPH with a well timed tackle to break up a promising American Samoan counter on the left
14′ YELLOW CARD Dwayne TIPUTOA receives a yellow card for simulation
10′ Cook Islands look the most likely at the early stages, Dwayne TIPUTOA wins a corner
7′ Joe PURCELL shoots wide from the edge of the box
5′ Sunai JOSEPH curles in a free kick from the right which is volleyed wide from c lose range by Dwayne TIPUTOA
3′ American Samoa with a long free kick which doesn’t trouble Cook Islands goalkeeper Keegan INIA
1′ Free kick by Samuel MAOATE-COX is blocked by Gabriel TAUMUA
1′ American Samoa with kick off
1′ We are underway with the opening encounter between Cook Islands and American Samoa on Match Day 3 of the U-20
Championship Preliminary in Tonga

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