The top U-17 Footballers in Vanuatu congregated at Amicale field on Saturday to compete for a spot in the Vanuatu Football Federation training program set to take place before the September holidays.

This turnout was a big success with 67 young footballers  turning up to be observed by VFF coaches – August Wilson and Philemon John and OFC advisor Yvon Avry.

There were nine goalkeepers in attendance and the hope is to find among these young talents a new David Chillia.

Both Montmartre College and Bougainville College were highly represented during the trial, while only one young footballer was present from Malapoa College.

The young footballers selected will be part of a one week training course from Monday 25 to Friday 29 August, in order to build the Under 17 Pre-squad for Port Vila and Efate.

The other provinces will not be forgotten with a detection to be organized in each of them, with already a pre-list done during the TVL tournament organized in December last year.

The National squad- sponsored by the Unelco company – will be finalised at the end of the year, after observing the best young players at the Academy of Teouma, and an international tournament At Port Vila during the third week of December. 

Two selections of Vanuatu will take part in this tournament, one with the players coming from the four Northern Provinces, and one with the players from Shefa and Tafea Provinces.

The best 36 players will then integrate into the Academy of Teouma for a Elite program over two years, and the best of them, will take part in the Under 17 OFC World Cup Qualification in March 2009 in Fiji.

List of players for Monday August 25 at 9h30, Amicale field 


Shem  Harrisson, Malap Jimmy, Kalotang Julien, Cheval Eric, Steven Simon, Airuil Silona, Toire Eric, Mac Kenzie Jeffry,Simeone Steven


Kapere Clovis, Malwosi Ramses, Mahit Marc, Vava Junior, Rory Kito, Maleb Etienne, Willy Samy, Paata Ocea, Namuli Fabien, Kaltak Bryan, Roqara Nemani, Tasso Johnny, Makito Malakai, Massinga Solo,Willy Jimmy


Steven Salas, Meltecoin Octave, Chabod Pascal, Narun Constantin, Matariki Steve, Jeffry Jaison, Tasso Jackson, Sualo Neidge, Joseph Simo, Jacky Samuel Alphonse Alick, Yvon Wilson, Roy Michel.


Lolten Steve, Sumaki Bryan, Visi Romarick, Hotas Jack, Hinge Lucien, Olul Deren, Mermer Nanto, Tenene Daniel, Holy Ali, Tom Iwai, Samuel Natou