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The Fiji Football Association will come down hard on all found guilty of having a part to play in the assault of referee, Dhiren Kewal, after the Power Electric/Vodafone-Vodafone Labasa semi-final match on Sunday.

Suva players and officials mobbed Kewal, after he had earlier awarded a penalty to Labasa, which saw the Babasiga Lions come from behind to win 3-2.

Fiji FA president Doctor Shams-ud Dean Sahu Khan said Suva shouldn’t have taken the matter in their own hands, but raised the issue with them.

"No where in the world is anyone allowed to man handle the match officials," Sahu Khan said.

"Suva should have written to us and asked to look into the referees’ control."

"Those who have done this will be taken to task and at the same time face action."

He said while the length of suspension could differ, a life ban could also be placed on those who were part of the scuffle.

"We don’t condone this and there will strong repercussions," he said.

Sahu Khan is also part of the FIFA discipline committee and said his experience with dealing in such matters would come in handy.

"I have dealt with such cases and I can tell you that under FIFA rule, no one can escape for having taken the law in their own hands," Sahu Khan said.

He said while law will take its course, Fiji FA will still go ahead with its disciplinary action.

"I am very disappointed to have the players and officials act in this manner," he said.

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