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AS Magenta: 29. Leon IXOEE (GK), 2. Jean-Christ WAJOKA, 3. Georges BEARUNE, 4. Loic WAKANUMUNE (C), 5. Jean Brice WADRIAKO, 6. Cedric SANSOT, 10. Pierre WAJOKA, 12. Joel WAKANAMUNE, 16. Leopold MAKALU, 19. Jeremy DOKUNENGO, 20. Bill NICHOLLS,
Substitutes: 1. Jelen IXOEE (GK), 7. Noel KAUDRE, 8. Marius BAKO, 9. Marek AUCHER, 11. Mickael TIAOU, 13. Patrick DIAKE, 14. Kevin NEMIA, 15. Pierrot JELEWED, 17. Gregory TARAMOIN, 18. Joris GORENDIAWE, 21. Noarii FORTEZ, 30. Victor MESSEAUD (GK)
Coach: Alain MOIZAN (FRA)
AS Tefana: 3. Taumihau TIATIA, 6. Tunoa TEVAEARAI, 7. Temarii TINORUA, 9. Tauhiti KECK, 14. Jonathan TEHAU, 15. Jean Claude CHANG KOEI CHANG, 16. Manutea TAAE, 19. Heimano BOUREBARE, 21. Angelo TCHEN (C), 22. Nicolas VALLAR,
Substitutes: 1. Stevens HIRIGA (GK), 2. Yoann LE FOLL, 5. Tauatua LUCAS, 8. Heremoana HOATA, 10. Steevy CHONG HUE, 11. Tehina TEMORERE, 12. Alvin TEHAU, 13. Stanley ATANI, 17. Manutahi TEREMATE, 18. Kaena ONUU, 20. Olivier LEE, 23. Xavier SAMIN (GK), 29. Mikael ROCHE (GK)

Coach: Sebastian LABAYEN (TAH)
Match Officials
Referee: Cambell-Kirk WAUGH (NZL)
Assistant Referee 1: Gareth SHEEHAN (NZL)
Assistant Referee 2: Lemusa ALATASI (ASA)
Fourth Official: Amos ANIO (PNG)
FULL TIME: AS Magenta 4-2 AS Tefana
90′ +3 Foul from Magenta in the Tefana box gives ROCHE the free kick
90′ +2 SUB MAG Pierre WAJOKA replaced by Pierrot JELEWED
90′ +1 RED CARD Tefana sees their numbers further reduced when Angelo TCHEN receives his second caution
90′ Four minutes additional time
90′ ATANI takes a shot but goes wide
88′ SUB MAG J.C. WAJOKA makes room for Joris GORENDIAWE
88′ YELLOW CARD Alvin TEHAU is cautioned
86′ GOAL!!! AS Magenta 4-2 AS Tefana BEARUNE absolutely smashes it past ROCHE from the spot
86′ BEARUNE steps behind the ball
85′YELLOW CARD Angelo TCHEN is cautioned for his challenge on J.C. WAJOKA, Magenta has a penalty
84′ Long throw from TIATIA is cleared out by Magenta defence
83′ Shot from KAUDRE goes over the cross bar
82′ TAAE struggles to receive the switch and sends the ball out
81′ ROCHE is pressured by SANSOT but cuts inside before sending long
79′ Two timely blocks from Jean-Brice WADRIAKO sees Magenta launch a swift counter attack
78′ Corner from P. WAJOKA goes long again but receive another corner across the field saved by ROCHE
78′ Magenta have numbers on attack but Tefana do enough to prevent the shot
77′ Aerial challenge from J. WAKANAMUNE and A. TEHAU sees Tefana win a free kick
76′ SUB TEF Temarii TINORUA replaced by Steevy CHONG HUE
74′ A corner from P. WAJOKA again goes long
73′ Tefana caught offside, Magenta back with possession
73′ Free kick for Tefana after a challenge from behind on A. TEHAU
71′ Tefana take their free kick quickly but too quick for ATANI who is caught offside
68′ BEARUNE attempts a shot but is blocked by ROCHE
67′ SUB TEF Tauhiti KECK replaced by Stanley ATANI
66′ Sustained pressure in the final third by Magenta finally put out for a corner by Manutea TAAE
64′ Tefana corner goes short and is blocked by J. WAKANUMUNE
63′ A corner by Magenta is saved by ROCHE who throws out for a quick counter
62′ SUB TEF Tunoa TEVAERAI is replaced by Alvin TEHAU
61′ Heimano BOUREBARE drives a low shot but its blocked away
60′ Tefana backline under pressure after fumbling while opening up the play
58′ SUB MAG Bill NICHOLLS is replaced by Noel KAUDRE
57′ Both teams back with even numbers after the second sending off of the match
55′ RED CARD Captain Loic WAKANUMUNE recieves his marching orders for a challenge on J. TEHAU
54′ A through ball from P. WAJOKA finds BEARUNE’s feet but his attempt goes wide
53′ Another corner from P. WAJOKA both BEARUNE and SANSOT go for the finish but strike it wide
53′ P. WAJOKA hits the corner long but it goes out past the back post
52′ J.C. WAJOKA wins a corner for Magenta
51′ P. WAJOKA caught by the offside trap
50′ NICHOLLS opens out at the top of the penalty area but fires wide
50′ TCHEN intercepts and Tefana on the counter attack
47′ GOAL!!! AS Magenta 3-2 AS Tefana Taumihau TIATIA scores off a free kick with a tidy tap in
46′ NICHOLLS shoots but ROCHE saves
46′ Second half is underway with Magenta taking the kick-off
Half-time: AS Magenta 3-1 AS Tefana
45’+3′ P. WAJOKA sends a free kick into the area which drops neatly for Bill NICHOLLS at the far post but he heads his effort over
45’+2′ J. WAKANAMUNE is back on the field and Tefana will have a tough task ahead in the second period
45′ Three minutes additional time
44′ RED CARD VALLAR receives his marking order for a terrible challenge from behind on Joel WAKANAMUNE
42′ Pierre WAJOKA attempts to curl the free kick into the top left corner but it’s read well by ROCHE who leaps to catch
41′ YELLOW CARD Nicolas VALLAR gives the ball away then picks up a card for pulling back his opponent
40′ TINORUA goes down in a challenge but is back up limping
39′ Seven-deep defence from Magenta as Tefana come racing up the right flank but IXOEE calls and claims
39′ A bit of a scramble at the back for Magenta but they manage to get the ball out however it’s comiong back at them
38′ Magenta playing a high intensity, high press game which is putting Tefana under a lot of pressure in their own half
37′ Free kick for Tefana whipped in at goal by Temarii TINORUA but IXOEE leaps high to punch clear
36′ Another foul from TEFANA and Magenta opt to go short to WAJOKA
34′ J-C WAJOKA tries to shoot on the volley but misses the ball and it rolls for a goal kick
32′ Jonathan TEHAU breaks and pushes past J-C WAJOKA taking him clean out and conceding a free kick
28′ GOAL!!! AS Magenta 3-1 AS Tefana Georges BEARUNE with his brace as he sends low and hard under ROCHE from the penalty spot
27′ Handball in the box and Magenta have a penalty
26′ GOAL!!! AS Magenta 2-1 AS Tefana Georges BEARUNE takes advantage of a scramble in front of the Tefana goal to poke home
25′ TCHEN limps off but looks like he can continue after treatment
24′ TCHEN was injured in the challenge and ROCHE is not pleased with the length of time it took for play to stop for treatment
23′ WAKOKA takes the ball off the foot of TCHEN and races in on goal but whips the shot outside the post but it remains in play
23′ Another classic long DOKUNENGO throw is into the box, Cedric SANSOT heads goalwards but ROCHE captures to deny
22′ A shot from Magenta flies across the face of the goal
20′ YELLOW CARD Goalscorer Tunoa TEVAERAI is cautioned for Tefana
18′ GOAL!!! AS Magenta 1-1 AS Tefana Tunoa TEVAERAI goes around IXOEE and fires low and hard to bring the sdies back in line
16′ Pierre WAJOKA is given the ‘cut it out’ signal from referee Campbell-Kirk WAUGH
15′ Long throw from Jeremy DOKUNENGO
14′ ROCHE comes out and claims as Magenta heap the pressure on and get off a decent shot
14′ Heavy, but clean challenge on Jean-Christ WAJOKA but he’s straight back to his feet
12′ Jonathan TEHAU races in on goal but Leon IXOEE has it covered, scoops up and sends long
10′ Magenta attempt to chip the defence but it’s well collected by Tefana
8′ Tefana whip a corner in at goal and Leon IXOEE manages to palm away from immediate danger before punching clear
7′ YELLOW CARD Leopold MAKALU is cautioned
5′ GOAL!!! AS Magenta 1-0 AS TefanaJean
-Christ WAJOKA with a volley past ROCHE that ricochets off the inside post into the back of the net
4′ Pierre WAJOKA chests the ball down
2′ Magenta progress forward, Mikael ROCHE comes to the box edge to clear
1′ Underway at QBE Oval

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