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Graugnard: In one match anything is possible

As he prepares his players for the challenge that awaits them, Graugnard took the time to answer three quick questions on the tournament, Dragon’s opponents and their chances of victory.
What are the objectives for Dragon in the 2013 OFC Champions League?
The first objective that we have set is to go through from our pool. Our pool has the highest level with the presence of the New Zealand clubs. After that, if we finish in the top two and can get to the semi-finals, anything is possible. I think that we have one card up our sleeve. Inside our group of 22 players, 14 of them play for the national team. These are the players that were at the OFC Nations Cup, the competition where after our qualification for the semi-finals, we proved that in one match anything is possible. Therefore I think that the New Zealand clubs will fear us.
Which is the opponent that you are most mindful of?
On paper, the most formidable opponent is Waitakere United. They are the New Zealand champions for the fourth consecutive year and they haven’t lost a single match against Auckland City this year. They will be our first opponent and therefore we are starting off with the strongest side. Next, Auckland City have also won this competition for the past two years, so they have a lot of experience. We will have to be wary of them. Finally, we cannot ignore Mont-Dore. It is a club that plays good football with all the qualities of the Caledonian game – speed and technical prowess. If I were to rank the teams in our pool I would put the two New Zealand clubs, us, then Mont-Dore. But whatever happens, every match will be very difficult.
To finish, which do you think is more feasible – to score a goal against Spain at the FIFA Confederations Cup in Brazil in June with Tahiti or to win the OFC Champions League with Dragon?
Anything could happen against Spain. You never know, from a corner for example we could find their weak spot. But to win the Champions League, even if it is an equally difficult goal, maybe seems a little more feasible.
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