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Dragon ready for international debut

And before even getting their first taste of the tournament the side has confirmed they will be back to mix it with the region’s top clubs in the 2014 edition after topping the Super Mana Ligue for the second season running.
The club was founded in 1968 by Arthur Chung and in the beginning was known as a club which represented French Polynesia’s Chinese community, which over time has evolved to include a diverse mix of cultures.
After 44 years of trying, AS Dragon claimed their first local championship title in 2012, earning their spot in the 2013 OFC Champions League. It has been a long time coming for the club which in its history has won just three Coupes de Tahiti Nui, 1997, 2001 and 2004, from the nine finals played, and won one match against Rouen in the 2001 Coupe de France.
On top of being crowned national champions for the second consecutive season, Dragon completed a double when they beat Tefana 1-0 in the final of the Tahiti Cup, proving they are more than prepared to confront the best clubs in Oceania come Saturday.
Club president Stéphane Lei Foc says it is an immense honour to be able to participate in the Champions Leauge and represent local football at an international leave for the first time in the club’s history.
“The result of our first national title is the fruit of the regular work undertaken by serious and committed players and technical staff over a number of years,” Lei Foc says.
“As proof, this season we have achieved the double of the national championship and national cup, which has opened the doors to new sporting opportunities, including the Coupe de France in November 2013 and the 2014 OFC Champions League.
“The Champions League is an exciting but difficult sporting challenge. The level will be very high, but AS Dragon has the strong ambition to represent the Fenua to the best of our ability, and why not try to win the coveted title while we are at it?”
Whilest trying to qualify for the FIFA Club World Cup in Morocco, a number of Dragon’s players are also pulling double-duty this season.
Fourteen of the line-up are also training with Tahiti national coach Eddy Etaeta as he prepares the Toa Aito for the FIFA Confederations Cup in June 2013. Among them are goalkeeper Xavier Samin, Jonathan and Teaonui Tehau who have joined Dragon for the Champions League season.
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