The super striker had caused a lot of anger and disappointment among officials, supporters and fans in Vanuatu, when he had decided not to be part of the Pacific Games squad, and was playing for his team in the Port Vila Football Association opening tournament, while the games were on in New Caledonia.
The Vanuatu Football Federation reacted to his and those of eight other national soccer stars’ attitude, by suspending them from all international matches until further notice.
After Amicale beat Spirit 08 2-0 in the TVL opening knock out two weeks ago, Fenedy told local media that he would be ready to play in the Vanuatu world cup team next year in June 2012.
“This time I will certainly join the team, that is if our officials want me back on the team,” Fene says.
When told of how many people has felt about him when he had not joined the PG team, Fenedy lowered his head and smiled shyly, saying he knew how people felt, and that he was sorry.
Fenedy said he had personal reasons, but that those and PG were over, and that there were more international tournaments still to come.
“Iam ready, and anytime our “big men” want me on the team, I will certainly step forward.” he said.
Amicale beat a “very much improved” Academy team 3-1 in a friendly match last Saturday and this weekend they will face the same young stars in the TVL Premier League at 12pm.