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Sharks, Cougars still undefeated

Samoana is 5-0 with a league-leading 15 points while the Cougars are 3-1-0 for 10 points.
They are scheduled to play against one another on Tuesday, 4 February and have played against stiff opponents of late.
The cougars needed a late penalty kick to edge the Kanana Fou Stallions 2-1 on January 29 while the Sharks eked past Leone on January 28 with a late score as well.
Fa’asao-Marist were awarded a penalty kick from a handball infraction against Kanana Fou and JJ Sasala was able to provide that for the Cougars.
Vaiula Afa emerged as the hero for the Sharks after dribbling by three defenders to score the game winner against Leone.
Both teams will play one more opponent each before they meet on February 4.
Rounding out the top four teams in the eight-school competition are No. 3 Leone (2-1-2, 7 points) and No. 4 Faga’itua (1-2-1, 5 points). Nu’uuli Voc-Tech (1-1-0, 4 points) is fifth in the standings, followed by Kanana Fou (1-0-3, 3 points), Tafuna (1-0-4, 3 points) and South Pacific Academy (0-1-3, 1 point).
Only the top four teams qualify for the playoffs and at the moment four teams have a shot at the fourth and final playoff spot.
Below are recent results for the season:
Cougars 2, Stallions 1
Wildcats 2, Vikings 2
Sharks 1, Lions 0
Warriors 3, Dolphins 0
Vikings 4, Cougars 4
Stallions 3, Dolphins 0
Sharks 6, Wildcats 1
Lions 3, Warriors 0
Lions 1, Dolphins 1

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