Tonga 0-4 Papua New Guinea

See below for today’s play-by-play action at North Harbour Stadium in Auckland.
Tonga: 20. Lesieli LOSALU (GK), 2. Lisi PAPANI, 3. Tania SILAKIVAI, 5. Unaloto TAHITU’A, 6. Pauline TONGA, 7. Malia LOTO’ANIU, 8. Buccilea ONGOLEA (Captain), 9. Wendy FEKE, Tolini KOFUTU, 14. Salote KAVEA, 18. Talia KOLOFALE.
Coach: Marc D’AMICI [AUS]
Papua New Guinea: 18. Wena LAKA (GK), 2. Sandra BIRUM (Captain), 3. Carolyn OBI, 6. Nikita AI, 7. Lavina HOLA, 8. Grace STEVEN, 9. Rose BULUM, 11. Natasha WAA, 12, Alisandra ELIJAH, 15. Bianka ROBERT, 16. Georgina KAIKAS.
Coach: Michael ROBINSON [AUS]
11′ PNG go close to scoring the opening goal after a mistake by Tonga’s goalkeeper but the defence manage to clear the ball away.
20′ Corner kick for PNG. The Tonga defence kick the ball away.
25′ Georgina Kaikas (PNG) shoots inside the box but the goalkeeper saves the ball.
27′ GOAL !!! Tonga 0-1 Papua New Guinea: Georgina Kaikas scores after a shot from just outside the box.
33′ Bianka ToRobert (PNG) shoots from outside the box but the goalkeeper catches the ball.
36′ GOAL !!! Tonga 0-2 Papua New Guinea: Kaikas scores a double with a shot inside the box.
40′ Kaikas (PNG) shoots but misses the target.
43′ Kaikas (PNG) shoots but the goalkeeper saves.
44′ GOAL !!! Tonga 0-3 Papua New Guinea: Grace Steven scores with a shot from outside the box.
46′ The referee brings the first half to an end.
The second half kicks off.
46′ Tonga play with 10 as Wendy Feke is treated off the field for an injury.
48′ Feke comes back and Tonga play with 11 again.
58′ Substitution Tonga: Malia Loto’aniu out, Fakaafe Taufa in.
60′ Grace Steven crosses the ball but the goalkeeper comes out to receive it.
63′ Natasha Waa shoots but misses the target.
64′ GOAL !!! Tonga 0-4 Papua New Guinea Bianka Robert scores with a shot inside the box.
69′ Substitution Tonga: Tolini Kofutu out, Victoria Minioneti in.
73′ Substitution Papua New Guinea: Georgina Kaikas out, Dina Awele in.
81′ Substitution Papua New Guinea: Rose Bulum out, Lanieta Aifa in.
85′ Substitution Tonga: Lisi Papani out, Ana Takau in.
87′ Sandra Birum commits a foul. Free kick for Tonga, the defence kicks the ball away.
91′ Corner kick for PNG, the goalkeeper makes a save.
92′ The final whistle sounds.
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