See below for the play-by-play action.
The match kicks off.
7′ Corner kick for New Zealand. The defence shots the ball away.
10′ Cross from Anna Green (New Zealand), the goalkeeper catches the ball.
13′ Corner kick for New Zealand, but shot too strong.
17′ Corner for New Zealand, Briony Fisher’s header misses the goal.
20′ Corner kick for New Zealand, Bridgette Armstrong’s header misses the target.
23′ Referee stops the game. A Cook Islands player is injured. She leaves the field. Cook Islands is playing with ten.
24′ Cook Islands play with eleven again.
26′ Rosie White (New Zealand) puts the ball in the net but Briony Fisher was offside.
30′ Referee stops the game. A Cook Islands player is injured.
31′ Free kick for Cook Islands.
36′ GOAL !!! New Zealand 1-0 Cook Islands Elise Mamanu-Gray scores.
37′ GOAL !!! New Zealand 2-0 Cook Islands Rosie White scores.
41′ GOAL !!! New Zealand 3-0 Cook Islands Rosie White scores a double after a shot in the box.
45+3′ Corner kick for New Zealand. A defender kicks the ball away.
The referee brings the first half to an end. New Zealand 3-0 Cook Islands.
45′ Substitutiion New Zealand: Terri-Amber Carlson out, Sarah McLaughlin in.
48′ Corner kick for Cook Islands. New Zealand defence heads the ball away.
51′ Corner for New Zealand. A shot from outside the box is caught by the Cook Islands goalkeeper.
55′ Cook Islands goalkeeper saves the goal after a New Zealand shot.
57′ GOAL !!! New Zealand 4-0 Cook Islands Hannah Wilkinson scores with a shot inside the box.
57′ Substitution New Zealand: Hannah Wilkinson out, Liz Milne in.
58′ Substitution Cook Islands: Tepaeru Toka out, Stephanie Lineen in.
59′ GOAL !!! New Zealand 5-0 Cook Islands Liz Milne scores with a shot in the box.
64′ Substitution New Zealand: Lauren Mathis out, Claudia Crasborn in.
66′ GOAL !!! New Zealand 6-0 Cook Islands Volley of Hannah Wall.
68′ GOAL !!! New Zealand 7-0 Cook Islands Hannah Wall scores a double.
68′ Referee stops the game. A New Zealand player is injured.
73′ A New Zealand player shoots and hits the post.
73′ Substitution Cook Islands: Marii Kaukura out, Leiana Temata in.
77′ Natasha Dean (Cook Islands) committed a foul near the box.
77′ Rosie White shoots but misses the goal.
80′ Corner kick for New Zealand, the goalkeeper punches the ball away.
81′ Substitution Cook Islands: Danielle Trego out, Regina Mustonen in.
89 GOAL !!! New Zealand 8-0 Cook Islands Liz Milne scores a double with a deep shot.
90+3′ Yellow card Marissa Iroa for Cook Islands. The game is stopped due to a New Zealand injury. The player leaves the field and the team finishes the game with ten.
The final whistle sounds. Final score: New Zealand 8-0 Cook Islands.
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