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American Samoa 0 – 4 Solomon Islands

See below the play-by-play action.
Starting line-ups:
American Samoa:
23. Fiapa’ipa’i SIATU’U (GK), 2. Meleane IOAPO, 3. Fuataina SIATUU, 7. Tuiemanu RIPLEY, 9. Moaga SIAULAIGA, 10. Lela WAETIN (c), 15. Nikki TOLMIE, 16. Ava MANAO 17. Kristina VAEAO, 18. Trixie MAVAEGA, 20. Alma MANAO
Coach: Uinifareti ALIVA
Solomon Islands:
20. Geli ANNIE (GK), 2. Rose GWALI (c), 4. Brenda MASAE, 5. Audrey GALO, 7. Alice OLOMANE, 8. Ileem PEGI, 9. Betty MAENU’U, 11. Laydah SAMANI, 12. Ella MISIBINI, 14. Belinda SUSANA, 17. Vanessa INIFIRI
Coach: Timothy INIFIRI
Referee: George BRUCE (VAN)
Assistant referee 1: Michael JOSEPH (VAN)
Assistant referee 2: Noel XOLAWAWA
4th official: Ididore ASSIENE-AMBASSA (FRA)
The match kicks-off.
2′ GOAL !!! American Samoa 0 Solomon Islands 1 Layda Samani wins her one-to-one against the goalkeeper and opens the score for Solomon Islands.
4′ GOAL !!! American Samoa 0 Solomon Islands 2 Layda Samani scores again with a shot in the box.
11′ Solomon Islands create few opportunities and dominate this start of the game.
12′ Layda Samani has a good opportunity to score but her shoot misses the target.
15′ Vanessa Inifiri takes the shot from the edge of the box and her shoot hits the crossbar.
21′ American Samoa have a better possession of the ball but Solomon Islands stay dangerous with counter attack.
25′ GOAL !!! American Samoa 0 Solomon Islands 3 Ileem Pegi shots and the ball hits the inside of the post and rolls in front of the line, Layda Samani follows and pushes the ball into the empty net to score her third goal of the game.
29′ Layda Samani takes her chance but the goalkeeper’s hand stays strong to push the ball away.
34′ Shoulder to shouler between Ileem Pegi and the defender, Pegi falls in the box, the referee doesn’t whistle.
39′ Vanessa Inifiri crosses in direction to Pegi at the second post but her cross is too deep and Siatu’u catches the ball.
43′ Siatu’u wins her one-to-one with the striker and ball goes in corner. Solomon Islands take the corner kick and Siatu’u catches the ball.
One minute additional time.
The referee whistles the end of the first half. American Samoa 0 Solomon Islands 3.
The second half kicks-off.
46′ SUBSTITUTION Belinda Susana is replaced by Margaret Belo for Solomon Islands.
51′ Ileem Pegi in the box shots but she misses the target.
54′ SUBSTITUTION Ileem Pegi is replaced by Crystal Bwakolo for Solomon Islands.
58′ Layda Samani shoots from inside the box but Siatu’u catches the ball.
60′ Low cross of Samani to Alice Olomane alone at the penalty spot but her shoot is too high to worry the keeper.
62′ After an injury Brenda Masae comes back onto the field.
65′ GOAL !!! American Samoa 0 Solomon Islands 4 Betty Maenu’u scores.
66′ SUBSTITUTION Tuiemanu Ripley is replaced by Fiso Letoi for American Samoa.
67′ SUBSTITUTION Brenda Masae is replaced by Mesalyn Saepio for Solomon Islands.
72′ Saepio intercepts the ball at the edge of the box but a defender comes back to stop her action shoot.
75′ SUBSTITUTION Ava Manao is replaced by Filiga Ioapo for American Samoa.
82′ Filiga Ioapo tkes the shoot but misses the target.
83′ After a scramble in the box, the Solomon Islands defense clears the ball.
85′ YELLOW CARD Meleane Ioapo is cautioned for American Samoa.
86′ Audrey Galo takes the free-kick but Siatu’u catches the ball.
88′ Trixie Maevaga takes the shoot in the box but Geli Annie catches the ball.
The referee whistles the end of the game

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