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SIFF president Martin Alufurai says football can play a major part in promoting peace and stability in Solomon Islands, in the wake of recent events in the Melanesian country.

He says there is great need to contain the youths by involving them in organized activities such football leagues thus minimizing their likelihood to involve in riots in future.

The SIFF president indicated that he will propose to OFC and FIFA to assist SIFF develop soccer facilities in the provinces so that provincial football associations can organize their competitions.

That he believes will encourage youths to remain in their provinces and not migrate to urban centres like Honiara.

I believe if they have something to keep them busy like playing soccer (football), they may not have involved themselves in rioting,” he added.

In the past football has brought together people from different provinces and backgrounds of the Solomon Islands and brought joy to the nation.

SIFF’s facilities at Lawson Tama and the newly constructed Allan Boso National Football Academy were left untouched by the rioting mobs who involved in the looting and burning of buildings in Honiara in the last two days.

People have respect for football that is why they leave football facilities untouched even if they disagreed with the federation,” Alufurai added.

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