See below the play-by-play action.
Tonga: 1. Lupe LIKILIKI (GK), 3. Heilala LOTO’ANIU, 5. Salome VA’ENUKU, 6. Toliniko KOFUTUA, 8. Ofaloto LA’AKULU, 10. Hala’unga TAHOLO, 11. Unaloto TAHITU’A, 12. Rebecca KILMARTIN,14. Mele AKOLO, 16. Penateti FEKE (c), 17. Atelaite MANU
Substitutes: 22. Suliana UTA’ATU (GK), 2. Ilisapeti MALEKAMU, 13. Tupou TOPUI
Injured: 4. Vea FUNAKI, 15. Pauline TONGA,
Assistant Coach: Siukikivai TAUFA [TGA]
Papua New Guinea: 1. Fidelma WATPORE (GK), 4. Judith GUNEMBA, 5. Carolyn OBI, 9. Deslyn SINIU (c), 10. Sandra BIRUM, 11. Georgina KAIKAS, 12. Meagen GUNEMBA, 13. Daisy WINAS, 17. Marie KAIPU, 18. Rumona MORRIS, 19. Talitha IRAKAU,
Substitutes: 20. Lace KUNEI (GK), 2. Michealla KURABI, 3. Yvonne GABONG, 6. Grace STEVEN, 7. Barbara MUTA, 8. Fatima RAMA, 14. Dorcas SESEVO, 15. Zeen LIMBAI, 16. Cathy SAMSON
Coach: Gary PHILLIPS [AUS]
Match Officials:
Referee: Tupou PATIA [COK]
Assistant Referee 1: Nagarita JIMMY [SOL]
Assistant Referee 2: Maria TAMALELAGI [SAM]
Fourth Official: George TIME [SOL]
The match kicks off
1′ Daisy Winas tries to pop the ball through for Meagen Gunemba but Tonga’s Rebecca Kilmartin is in quick with an intercept
2′ Papua New guinea play out from the back via Deslyn Siniu
3′ Free kick for Papua New Guinea out wide and Gunemba frops to take, she fires in an effort but it’s over the crossbar
4′ Ball comes wide to Marie Kaipu who takes a couple of touches up the line before shooting with the ball ricocheting back in off the crossbar
6′ Carolyn Obi chips into the box but Sandra Birum is offside
7′ Great passage of passes from PNG as they build through the middle before Salome Va’enuku clears to touch
7′ Marie Kaipu completely misses the ball after winding up to kick allowing Va’enuku to clear
8′ Laite Si’i Manu applies plenty of pressure with her presence up front forcing Obi to boot to touch
10′ Rumona Morris flicks a header on for Daisy Winas but Tonga pick up
11′ Gunemba breaks onto a chip over the defence but Ofa La’akulu keeps pace
13′ Gunemba again looks through on a low ball but La’alulu toe pokes to touch
14′ Papua New Guinea take a short corner but turnover on the edge of the box
15′ Unaloto Tahitu’a wins the ball and advances into the PNG half, she plays to Si’i Manu who can’t keep hold
15′ Penateti Feke does well to hold on in a sandwich of three and sends across the pitch to Heilala Loto’aniu
17′ Great delivery up the line from Mele Akolo finds a moving Tahitu’a who runs on goal before being shut down on the goal line by Talitha Irakau and Siniu
18′ Georgina Kaikas’ cross comes off the shins of La’akulu for a corner
19′ Kaipu and Irakau both miss an opportunity to finish in front of goal allowing Feke to boot to touch
21′ Fidelma Watpore is called into action, sending a goal kick upfield
21′ Great delivery through the defensive gap from Sandra Birum but Kaikas is caught offside
22′ Too long on the ball from Papua New Guinea allows Tonga the time to block
25′ GOAL!!! Tonga 0-1 Papua New Guinea Meagen Gunemba rolls the ball past Lupe Likiliki and her post to open the scoring
26′ Rebecca Kilmartin clears all the way to Watpore who’s standing just outside her box
27′ Tolini Kofutu’u’s shove from behind on Daisy Winas earns Papua New Guinea a free kick
29′ Feke delivers into the box, Va’enuku leaps high but misses
30′ Papua New Guinea’s Judith Gunemba is down and moved to the side by her teammates and the physio for treatment
32′ GOAL!!! Tonga 0-2 Papua New Guinea Marie KAIPU latches onto a low ball, takes two touches and then drives home under a diving Likiliki
32′ SUBSTITUTION The injured Judith GUNEMBA is replaced by Yvonne GABONG for Papua New Guinea
34′ Winas wins ahead of Kilmartin in the box, turns and shoots but loops it into the arms of Likiliki
35′ Too long on the ball from Gabong leaves Gunemba offside when its delivered
36′ A chip for Gunemba to run onto, she’s shut down by La’akulu but gets a toe in back to Winas
38′ Offside from Gunemba at the front and Kilmartin boots long but Watpore is off her line to collect
39′ Foul throw from Irakau sees possession pass to Tonga
41′ Gunemba goes through 1v1 but Kilmartin cuts across her path allowing Likiliki to pick up
41′ A sliding save from Likiliki but the flag has already gone up on Gunemba
42′ Papua New Guinea one-touch play up the right before centering for Gunemba who attempts a volley but can’t convert
Two minutes of additional time.
45+1′ Si’i Manu has time on the ball as she races towards the Papua Nuew Guinea goal but fires off target
45’+2′ Rumona Morris with a shove from behind on Si’i Manu and this time it’s Kilmartin with a shot that tests Watpore
The first half comes to an end.
The second half kicks off.
46′ Great overlapping run from Irakau but La’akulu sweeps in to clear
47′ Quick counter attack from Tonga but Feke’s pass is anticipated by Gabong
49′ Gunemba muscled off the ball by La’akulu
50′ Kaikas sends in a free kick but Gunemba is offside
52′ Heavy first touches from PNG are allowing Tonga to shut them down
52′ Kaipu plays down the left, Gabong can’t finish. Likiliki does well with the return as Papua New Guinea miss another chance
54′ Gunemba turns her marker and finds a gap through to Sandra Birum but it’s sent for a corner by scrambling Tonga
55′ Irakau races towards the Tonga goal and La’akulu is again the saviour, putting the ball out for a corner
58′ La’akuli looks ready tocome back on and she’s much needed as Papua New Guinea continue to press the Tonga backline hard
59′ Tonga counter as the ball pops out of their penalty area but there’s no support and they turnover possession
60′ Likiliki races out of the area to boot a long ball from Birum clear from the arriving Irakau
61′ Great delivery to a waiting Kaikas who fires wide
62′ GOAL!!! Tonga 0-3 Papua New Guinea Marie KAIPU blasts into the back of the net
64′ Feke pokes an effort through the backline for Tahitu’a but it runs long to Watpore
66′ Excellent footwork from Winas to keep the ball past two challengers
67′ Likiliki boots long and Morris mis-hits it back to her keeper
70′ Consecutive corners for Papua New Guinea
71′ Winas pokes a ball over the top for Gunemba and Birum, the latter lines up the shot but sends it away from the target
74′ Feke with a blistering solo run into the box beats three defenders and lays it back for Si’i Mnau but it’s interceptd by Obi
76′ Likiliki under pressure boots clear up the field
78′ Kaikas goes down on the edge of the box after a crunching challenge from Likiliki
79′ Gunemba gets behind the free kick just outside the area but blasts it into the stands
80′ SUBSTITUTION: Sandra BIRUM is replaced by Cathy SAMSON for Papua new Guinea
81′ SUBSITUTION: Laite SI’I MANU is replaced by Ilisapeti MALEKAMU for Tonga
83′ High boot from Gunemba with Kilmartin on her back sees the ball pass to Tonga
85′ SUBSTITUTIONS: Rebecca KILMARTIN is replaced by Tupou TOPUI and Hala’unga TAHOLO is replaced by Eseta VI for Tonga
87′ Great block from Likiliki to deny Papua New Guinea
88′ SUBSTITUTION: Grace STEVEN comes on in place of Daisy WINAS for Papua New Guinea
89′ Low shot from Irakau is scooped up by Likiliki
Two minutes additional time
90’+2′ PNG corner is taken short and the cross headed clear
90’+3′ The shot comes from Steven but Likiliki has it covered
The final whistle is blown