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Papua New Guinea: 20. Ronald WARISAN (GK), 2. Daniel JOE, 4. Alwin KOMOLONG, 5. Felix KOMOLONG, 7. Raymond GUNEMBA, 8. Michael FOSTER, 9. Nigel DABINGYABA, 12. David MUTA (c),14. Emmanuel SIMON, 18. Tommy SEMMY, 19 Koriak UPAIGA
Substitutes: 1. Ishmael POLE, (GK), 3. Valentine NELSON, 6. Patrick AISA, 10. Obert BIKA, 11. Wira WAMA, 13. Roland BALA, 15. Philip STEVEN, 16. Jeremy YASASA, 17. Jacob SABUA, 21. Sammie CAMPBELL, 22. Otto KUSUNAN, 23. Leslie KALAI (GK)
Coach: Flemming SERRITSELV (DEN)
Solomon Islands: 1. Phillip MANGO (GK), 2. Haddis AENGARI, 4. Fred FAKARI, 5. Freddie KINI, 9. Benjamin TOTORI, 10. Judd MOLEA, 11. Micah LEA’ALAFA, 15. Jerry DONGA, 18. Henry FA’ARODO (c), 19. Gibson DAUDAU, 22. Joses NAWO,
Substitutes: 3. Bata FURAI, 6. Allen PETER, 7. Dennis IFUNAOA, 8. Paul WALE, 12. Samson KOTI (GK), 13. James NAKA, 14. Moffat KILIFA, 16. Gagame FENI, 17. Nelson SALE, 20. Charlie OTAINAO, 23. James DO’ORO (GK)
Coach: Moses TOATA (SOL)
Match Officials
Referee: Matt CONGER (NZL)
Assistant Referee 1: Tevita MAKASINI (TGA)
Assistant Referee 2: Mark RULE (NZL)
Fourth Official: Nick WALDRON (NZL)
FULL TIME: Papua New Guinea 2-1 Solomon Islands
90’+4′ A shot from distance from Solomons is wishful thinking
90’+3′ SUB PNG Emmanuel SIMON makes room for Jacob SABUA
90’+2′ SUB SOL Judd MOLEA is replaced by Gagame FENI
90’+1′ Flag goes up on LEA’ALAFA as he looks to head goalwards
Three minutes additional time
90′ YELLOW CARD Henry FA’ARODO picks up a caution
89′ WARISAN leaves the ball to bounce before making an elaborate diving catch
88′ Solomon Islands working the ball forward trying to create something, NAWO and DAUDAU working hard in the PNG corner
85′ SUB SOL James NAKA replaces Jerry DONGA
83′ GOAL!!! Papua New Guinea 2-1 Solomon Islands Nigel DABINGYABA finds the back of the net after the initial effort from the corner comes to him
82′ Another outstanding save from MANGO to deny a powerful effort from FOSTER
81′ MUTA’s tackle puts Judd MOLEA on the floor and gives Solomons a free kick
80′ SIMON wins in the middle and DONGA is left chasing to try and win back
79′ FOSTER is onside as the ball bounces to him and he heads it with his back to goal but puts it wide
78′ Offside from Solomon Islands and WARISAN smashes it upfield
77′ FA’ARODO with an intercept but he can’t keep the ball in play
75′ TOTORI tries to create a chance for his side but the ball is put out
74′ A long corner falls to an unmarked FOSTER who attempts the volley but he sends it back infield rather than at the goal
74′ Pinball in the six-yard box as Solomons attempt to clear and PNG go for goal
72′ JOE races up the right and attempts to send goalwards but it’s blowcked away by KINI for a corner
72′ MUTA makes an error as he tries to play to UPAIGA but hooks the ball over his teammate and out of play
70′ SEMMY drops very deep to help UPAIGA defend against LEA’ALAFA
69′ The challenge from A. KOMOLONG sees Solomon Islands with another free kick this time 15m inside the PNG half
78′ GUNEMBA and MANGO race towards the same ball. The striker slides in as the keeper kicks clear and concedes a free kick for his troubles
77′ SEMMY with a low drive trying to find the bottom corner but MANGO covers it
77′ LEA’ALAFA slips on attack and PNG are quick to counter
66′ UPAIGA with another timely intercept to prevent LEA’ALAFA from receiving up the right wing
65′ The crowd are crying for a penalty as the referee points to the corner after a shot from PNG
64′ A. KOMOLONG sends MANGO’s goalkick back at him
63′ MANGO leaps to claim and is bowled over by SEMMY in the process
62′ SIMON makes a great weaving run to the edge of the box and a cross is lifted into the six yard box
61′ UPAIGA with a rare mis-step as he gives the bal to FA’ARODO
60′ MUTA with a poor pass that give possession to the Solomons but he does well to get back and recover the ball
59′ Crunching challenge from NAWO on SEMMY but the lanky striker is soon back on his feet and in the mix
57′ FA’ARODO makes a cross which is touched along to a waiting DONGA who sends it over the goal from the edge of the six-yard
56′ TOTORI with room up the left but as he starts coming towards goal JOE reads well to halt the attack
55′ The free kick is lofted goalwards and comes rebounding off the bottom of the upright
55′ This time it’s GUNEMBA hitting the turf as he’s tackled by both LEA’ALAFA and FAKARI
53′ Clumsy challenge from FOSTER puts FAKARI out of play
52′ GUNEMBA has the opportunity to put the past MANGO but he can’t get a clean touch and the ball rolls across the open goal forAENGARI to clear
51′ LEA’ALAFA chases down a loose ball but JOE gets there forst and clears up field
50′ PNG with an effort on goal, MANGO up to stop is knocked down and is fortunate that the follow up goes up the front of the goal
48′ UPAIGA wins and sends SEMMY on his way
47′ PNG clear the danger well but they only get as far as the last line for Solomons who are back on attack
46′ Second half gets underway with Solomon Islands making an early press forward to earn a corner
HALF-TIME: Papua New Guinea 1-1 Solomon Islands
45’+1′ Good hussle from KINI to keep JOE out wide
One minute additional time
44′ No relenting from either side as we head into the final minutes of the half
42′ Great ball from TOTORI who sees DONGA free on the opposite side of the field, he plays back to NAWO who loses it with a poor first touch
41′ DABINGYABA with a chance from the restart but he sends it over after slipping as he kicked
41′ GOAL!!! Papua New Guinea 1-1 Solomon Islands Judd MOLEA pulls Solomon Islands back in line scoring directly from the corner kick
40′ An unmarked Joses NAWO goes straight for goal but his effort drifts wide
38′ GOAL!!! Papua New Guinea 1-0 Solomon Islands GUNEMBA holds the ball to draw the defenders before playing Michael FOSTER on goal, he rounds MANGO and slots into an empty net
37′ Stunning save from MANGO to deny FOSTER at close range
36′ FA’ARODO with an intercept but his pass can’t get past Daniel JOE who sends PNG back up the field
34′ It’s a footrace between the two speedsters as LEA’ALAFA and SEMMY battle for possession
33′ WARISAN comes out confidently but he misses his swipe and although DONGA pulls a cross back A. KOMOLONG is there to clear
33′ LEA’ALAFA tests F. KOMOLONG as he twists and turns before laying back for a cross to be delivered
30′ A thrilling effort from Papua New Guinea’s SIMON has fans on their feet as it just misses to rattle the hoardings
27′ Another great save from MANGO who then expresses his disappointment at having put his goal kick to touch
25′ Both sides holding their shape well in the first 25 and both have had some early chances, although those of the hosts have seemed more dangerous
24′ Big challenge from DABINGYABA to win the ball – unlucky to miss GUNEMBA in the middle with his cross
23′ Gibson DAUDAU can’t quite make it to put pressure on Ronald WARISAN who makes an easy clearance
22′ It’s a footrace between veteran Benjamin TOTORI and PNG’s youngest squad member Felix KOMOLONG
22′ The mistake is eventually forced as Fred FAKARI plays straight to the PNG midfield
21′ Solomon Islands passing across the field, PNG running down every ball
20′ PNG round in on goal and an outstanding series of saves from
MANGO denies the hosts an early goal
20′ DONGA tries to tap around but UPAIGA is there to make the intercept and a quick counter attack is underway
19′ GUNEMBA swings the free kick in at the near post but it curls too soon and MANGO lets it run out
18′ YELLOW CARD Freddie KINI is cautioned after a late block on Emmanuel SIMON
17′ FOSTER with the intercept, he closes in on goal but fires over
16′ MANGO out to the top corner of his area to claim a loose ball
16′ Haddis AENGARI leaps high to head in the corner but he’s directed it away from goal
15′ A sliding challenge from Alwin KOMOLONG and UPAIGA concedes a corner but also denies Solomons a chance on goal
15′ Fred FAKARI takes a knock to the face in a challenge but doesn’t require treatment
14′ Cross from Joses NAWO has the defence beat as a classy back heel from Jerry DONGA is put inches wide
13′ Solomon Islands let FOSTER go as they make claims for a hand ball which is eventually signalled by the assistant referee
12′ Tommy SEMMY tries to beat past to Solomon Islanders but Henry FA’ARODO has his number and wins back
11′ David MUTA sends long looking to pick out DABINGYABA who is racing at MANGO but the keeper has leapt high to claim
10′ A long ball goes up the left for Micah LEA’ALAFA but he doesn’t quite have the pace to bring it under control after it takes a deflection
9′ DABINGYABA with another near clear run on goal, MANGO gets his fingertips to the ball just tipping it away to be cleared
7′ MANGO covers his near post well and watches as Michael FOSTER fires outside the upright
6′ The Solomon Islands press forward on attach but they can’t get a decent shot off
5′ DABINGYABA is free up the right and the ball is switched but he can’t keep it in play
4′ Play contines as GUNEMBA comes off to switch boots
3′ Koriak UPAIGA presses high up the left but can’t keep the ball in play off a back pass
2′ Nigel DABINGYABA wins off Fred FAKARI and Papua New Guinea have control
1′ Early scare for the Solomon Islands as Raymond GUNEMBA runs in on goal, Phillip MANGO gets a touch to it but the defender has to clear
1′ Underway in the second semi-final to find out who will meet the All Whites in the OFC Nations Cup

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