New Caledonia 2-1 New Zealand

Follow all the play-by-play action below.
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The starting line-ups are as follows:
New Caledonia 1. Ronan EUZEN (GK), 3. Jess POUARAIROUA, 4. Ivan POUROURORO (c), 7. Romain GUITTON, 8. Anderson PAULIN,
Substitutes: 2. Eric SAIHULIWA, 5. Loic CAUNES, 6. Mainon KAOUWI, 9. Ivannoe BAMY, 10. Ludovic BOIT, 11. Malick PAULET, 20. Ronald GAYON (GK)
Coach: William BRETT [NCL]
New Zealand 1. Atta ELAYYAN (GK), 3. Dylan MANICKUM, 6. Kareem OSMAN, 7. Marvin EAKINS (c), 8. Daniel BURNS,
Substitutes: 4. Ouadhah RAGUED, 9. Jakub SINKORA, 10. Jan FISCHER, 11. Lucas CORDEIRO OSORIO DA SILVA, 12. Mohamed Hicham KAMRI, 14. James VAUGHAN, 18. Elias BILLEH (GK)
Assistant coach: Felipe DI MARCHI BERNADI [BRA]
Referee: Jainut DEAN [FIJ]
Second Referee: Love Lui MELENARAVE [VAN]
Third Referee: Rex KAMUSU [SOL]
Timekeeper: Francis Loxie RONI [SOL]
Final whistle sounds
0′ 05′ Over to Saihauwila who turns and it’s tipped by Billeh
0′ 05′ Foul from Kamri as Pourouoro steals and breaks
0′ 13′ Kick in NZ another great stop from Euzen who has been immense for the hosts tonight
0′ 18′ New Zealand drive low through Silva but it’s blocked at the near
0′ 26′ New Zealand concede a foul and Pouarairoua boots long
0′ 44′ Tous derriere Les Cagous! The crowd is going wild and Billeh is right out of his box to cover
0′ 57′ Pourouoro breaks but they’re denied by the foot of Vaughan
1′ 05′ Kamri tries his best to score but closed down
1′ 17′ Long from Euzen and headed down by Vaughan
1′ 49′ Caunes out for a corner
2′ 25′ Poauairoua breaks with Sauihiwal wide but goes straight allowing Billeh to slide in
2′ 34′ Consecutive fouls from Guitton
3′ 00′ Kamri breaks and two players required to shut down
3′ 10′ Kamri fouls and New Caledonia have a free kcik
3′ 42′ Long from Bamy but Billeh covers over the goal line
3′ 59′ Silva goes down under a challenge from Euzen
4′ 18′ Burns covers well to keep Paulin at bay
4′ 23′ Into the side net from Fischer
4′ 44′ Powerful shot from Manickum is stopped on the stomach of Euzen who recovers well
5′ 01′ Burns over the top for Eakins, both Pourouoro and Euzen go for goal and the captina is injured
5′ 02′ Time out
5′ 02′ Paulin crosses in, shot is blocked by Billeh but Guitton is at the far post to shoot but hits the side net
6′ 04′ Burns shut down by Kaouwi
6′ 36′ Eakins beats his man and sends in Caunes does incredibly well in front of his own goal
7′ 07′ Chip from Guitton for Paulin to chase, Billeh there first to send to touch
7′ 57′ The hosts get the match restarted
8′ 14′ Time out
8′ 39′ Burns looks for a way through, New Zealand are really searching to bring themselves back into the match
11′ 01′ New Caledonia with a shot
11′ 56′ Saihuliwa wins the ball but can’t score
12’39’ Foul by Pourouoro on Osman and Ouadhah Ragued hits it wide
12′ 58′ James Vaughan dispossessed but a foul on Silva earns the Kiwi’s the ball
13′ 12′ Heaving challenge from Kamri who is doing well to avoid a caution
14′ 02′ GOAL!!! New Caledonia 2-1 New Zealand Mainon KAOUWI smashes it past Billeh who can only deflect into his own net
14′ 19′ Caunes and Bamy in discussions over the ball
14′ 19′ YELLOW CARD Jakub SINKORA cauntioned for a challenge on Romain Guitton
14′ 28′ New Caledonia in the Kiwi’s final third, waste of a ball by Paulin
14′ 45′ Pressure in the final third for the hosts, smashed by Kamri but off the woodwork and back into play
15′ 20′ GOAL!!! New Caledonia 1-1 New Zealand Great string of passes upfield before Ivannoe BAMY slots past Billeh with ease
15′ 46′ Eakins turns his man and gets a shot off but Euzen stops
16′ 07′ Bamy tries his chances but goes wide
16′ 34′ Blast from New Caledonia rebounds off a foot
16′ 56′ A terrible series of first touches from Poarairoua
17′ 20′ Manickum beats his man but Euzen comes out to the side line to clear
18′ 00′ Caunes with a blast but Billeh dips to scoop up
18′ 55′ Powerful shot from Osman is stopped by Euzen but he’s jarred his neck in the process
19′ 30′ Shot stop from Elias Billeh who’s in goal for New Zealand this half
19′ 55′ New Caledonia get things restarted
The second half gets underway
The first half comes to a close
0′ 07′ A foot from Mainon Kaouwi holds Fischer off
0′ 25′ New Caledonia advance
0′ 39′ Shot from Eakins deflected out for a corner
0′ 53′ Manickum does well to keep the ball in
1′ 35′ Eakins stands strong to deny Pourouoro’s adnvance
2′ 17′ New Caledonia denied again
2′ 41′ Long throw from Euzen and Saihulawa does well to get a foot towards goal on the turn
3′ 04′ Well off target from Saihulawa
3′ 13′ Three on Saihulawa to shut down his advance
3′ 20′ Time out
3′ 38′ New Caledonia passing at the back as they try to circulate their way through
4′ 10′ Across the goal to Saihulawa who blasts into the stand
4′ 12′ Foul by Kamri on Saihulawa free kick with Caunes in behind
4′ 18′ Saihulawa drives in but it’s blocked
4′ 36′ Low shot from distance by Caunes but goes wide for a corner
5′ 21′ If New Zealand stick to past tactics they’re going to sit back and try and defend this advantage
5′ 58′ GOAL!!! New Caledonia 0-1 New Zealand Mohamed KAMRI opens the scoring when he lifts it over Euzen
6′ 11′ Kamri shoots low but Euzen does well to halt him
6′ 19′ Time out
6′ 32 Corner for New Caledonia cleared by Burns
6′ 40′ The game is getting frantic as New Caledonia oare on attack
7′ 12′ A clumsy Kamri goes over the top of Poarairoua who hits the ground hard
7′ 47′ Paulin with the intercept but his touch is heavy
8′ 15′ Miscommunication in the back and New Zealand have the ball
8′ 25′ New Zealand go wide with their effort
8′ 27′ Poarairoua knocks down Osman and it’s a free kick for New Zealand in front of goal
8′ 40′ Burns gives it away, Paulin gives it back and New Zealand have possession
9′ 24′ Burns doesn’t know what’s hit him when he saves a powerful Paulet shot with his face as the hosts counter with pace
10′ 02′ Burns across the court but there’s noone there to take
10′ 32′ Saihuliwa with some fine hussle wins a kick in which is cleared by Silva in the arc
10′ 53′ Lucas Silva wins in centre court, plays Manickum but great block by Poarairoua
11′ 11′ Kepper Atta Elayyan boots clear up court
11′ 44′ Pourouoro beats Manikum then crosses around Eakins but is outside the post
12′ 11′ New Zealand handling the ball well at the back, it’s up to Manickum who shoots but Ronan Euzen is ready to halt
13′ 10′ Marvin Eakins looks long to Manickum but misfires
13′ 27′ Pourouroro brings Kamri down and both players go sprawling
13′ 46′ New Caledonia holding the ball slightly better than the Kiwis at the moment
14′ 24′ Flick over the top from Saihuliwa but Mohamed Kamri covers well
14′ 45′ Moment of mis-communication between Caunes and Paulin
15′ 07′ A shot-cross from Malik Paulet but it’s touched out by New Zealand
15′ 40 Pourouoro goes across the court to Jess Poarairoua who shoots off target
15′ 42′ Jan Fischer holds onto Anderson Paulin and concedes a free kick
16′ 27′ A few interruptions but New Caledonia are still with the ball
17′ 08′ Eric Saihuliwa does well to retain the ball under pressure from Daniel Burns and Manickum
17′ 41′ Caunes long looking for Ivannoe Bamy who can’t keep it in
19′ 07′ Loic Caunes shuts down Dylan Manickum but possession remains with New Zealand
18′ 35′ YELLOW CARD Kareem Osman is cautioned after he takes down Ivann Pourouoro on a break from behind
19′ 06′ A shot from New Caledonia goes wide of the target
The match gets

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