Vanuatu squad named

Eight of the 20 players in the final selection play for Erakor Golden Star FC while five others come from another Port Vila based Premier League club, Tafea FC .
The team will be captained by Amicale FC skipper Fenedy Masauvakalo while coach Poida nominated Solomon Warriors defender Brian Kaltack as his vice-captain.
Kaltack’s Warriors teammates Kensi Tengis and Daniel Natou have also been included in the squad as well as his two brothers Jean and Tony from Erakor Golden Star.
Poida said it was a difficult task to decide which 20 players to take to Papua New Guinea.
“I would like to thank all of you for your commitment to the squad in training since October 2015 till today.
“It is not easy to announce the final squad because you are the best Vanuatu players but I have to select only 20 players to represent Vanuatu Football in the OFC Nations Cup,” Poida said.
“I want to thank those players who did not make the squad.
“You still have a future, just keep working hard in training with your respective clubs.”
The Chief Executive of Vanuatu Football Federation Albert Manaroto also thanked the players and wished them good luck in Papua New Guinea.
“On behalf of Vanuatu Football executive and staffs of VFF, I would like to congratulate the 20 players who have been selected to play for Vanuatu,” Manoroto said.
“For the players who didn’t make it, there is still room for improvement and if you continue to work hard in training one day you can also represent Vanuatu in an OFC competition.”
Vanutau will begin their OFC Nations Cup campaign against Solomon Islands on 28 May before facing New Zealand three day later.
Poida’s men will play Fiji in their final Group B match on 4 June.
Vanuatu 2016 OFC Nations Cup squad

1. Selonie Iaruel -Tafea FC
2. Chikau Mansale -Mauriki FC
3. Brian Kaltack – Solomon Warriors
4. Jason Thomas – Erakor Golden Star
5.Kevin Shem Iata– Tafea
6. Jack Wanemut – Erakor Golden Star
7. Remy Kalsrap – Erakor Golden Star
8. Samuel Kaloros – Erakor Golden Star
9. Ignace Iamak- Tafea
10. Daniel Natou– Solomon Warriors
11. Bong Kalo – Tafea
12. Raoul Coulon – Tupuji Imere
13. Dominique Fred – Amicale FC
14. Bill Nicholls – AS Majenta
15. Zika Mahuni– Tafea
16. Nemani Rogara – Erakor Golden Star
17. Kensy Tangis – Solomon Warriors
18. Fenedy Masauvakalo – Amicale
19. Jean Kaltack – Erakor Golden Star
20. Tony Kaltack – Erakor Golden Star FC

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