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United Soccer 1 of New Zealand claimed the trophy, but all teams had a reason to celebrate at the conclusion of the inaugural OFC U-12 Festival of Football in Ba, Fiji. The four-day celebration of Oceania culture and football drew to a close today (Sunday) with all teams in high spirits.

The handshakes, hugs and pats on the back between participants were more heartfelt at the conclusion of the Festival as all teams came together in a visible display of the friendships that had been formed in Fiji. The scenes continued at the team accommodation where players swapped shirts, shorts, and whatever they could lay their hands on before an impromptu pool session.

Earlier in the day New Zealand’s United Soccer 1 defeated the host nation Fiji 1-0 in the final match of the Festival to take the inaugural title and in the process qualify for the Danone Nations Cup in France in September.

The Danone Nations Cup is the major International Cup for children aged 10 to 12, giving over 2.5 million children the opportunity to take part in an international tournament and to develop their passion for football and skills in the game. The children will experience and share the emotions of an international sporting event, recognized by FIFA and the national federations, and founded on team spirit and the sense of fair play.

Despite the lucrative reward available to the winning team all participants will have lasting memories of the 2006 OFC Festival of Football.

2006 OFC U-12 Festival of Football

Govind Park

Ba, Fiji

20 – 23 July 2006

Match Day 3 – Sunday 23 July

Playoffs for places 9 – 12

Samoa 1 vs. Besta Kapul (0 – 2)

Fiji 3 vs. SSPOM Torosel (0 – 1)

Playoffs for places 1 – 4

Fiji 1 vs. Canterbury (1 – 0)

Solomon Islands vs. United Soccer 1 (1 – 2)

Playoffs for places 5 – 8

Vanuatu vs. Fiji 2 (1 – 0)

Samoa 2 vs. Tahiti (1 – 1 &091;3 – 4 pens&093;)

Match for 11th place

Samoa 1 vs. Fiji 3 (1 – 1 &091;3 – 4 pens&093;)

Match for 9th place

Besta Kapul vs. SSPOM Torosel (0 – 1)

Match for 7th place

Samoa 2 vs. Fiji 2 (0 – 1)

Match for 5th place

Vanuatu vs. Tahiti (0 – 1)

Match for 3rd place

Canterbury vs. Solomon Islands (2 – 1)


United Soccer 1 vs. Fiji 1 (1 – 0)

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