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Vanuatu 1. Ruth TATE (GK), 2. Lilian SAWON, 3. Lily NIHAMBAT, 6. Leiwia TANGARASE, 7. Emilia TARAVAKI (C), 8. Cynthia NGWELE, 10. Annie GERE, 12. Vaina BONG, 16. Delphine KALMET, 17. Leimata SIMON, 21. Vanessa KILETIA
Substitutes: 4. Shania SIRI, 5. Dorolyn SAMSON, 9. Melissa BANI, 13. Hannah TAIWIA, 14. Tisha RONNY, 15. Keren COULON, 18. Melinda FRED,
Coach: Joel RARUA
Cook Islands: 20. Dora IRIPA (GK), 2. Nicole MARURAI, 5. Lyric DAVISON, 6. Moeroa HARMON, 7. Geneva MILES,10. Tehinnah TATUAVA, 11. Tina AREAI, 12. Josephine KURAIA, 13. Kayleena KERMODE, 14. Ngapare NOOVAO, 17. Susan WILLIAMS (C)
Substitutes: 1. Mata EMMANUEL (GK), 3. Issy MANA, 4. Amber MATEARIKI, 8. Piri MURARE, 9. Ngame TARINGA, 15. Nathalia VIKING, 18. Daimzel RONGOKEA, 19. Ngarangi MAPU
Coach: Tuka TISAM (COK)
Match Officials:
Referee: Avereii JACQUES (TAH)
Assistant Referee 1: Bernard MUTUKERA (SOL)
Assistant Referee 2: Jeffrey SOLODIA (SOL)
Fourth Official: Nelson SOGO (SOL)
FULL TIME: Vanuatu 1-5 Cook Islands
90’+2′ Vanuatu searching, neither team wants to give up on a potential place in the semi-finals
Three minutes additional time
90′ Over the defence but HARMON can’t get there ahead of the Vanuatu defence
89′ A scrambling save from IRIPA to deny Vanuatu a second
87′SUB VAN Vanessa KILETIA is replaced by Dorolyn SAMSON
85′ GOAL!!! VAN 1-5 COK Keren COULON claws one back for Vanuatu after a rapid counter attack
82′ Soft shot from Cook Islands and TATE eventually claims
80′ SIMON flashes it across the goal but IRIPA gets her finger tips to it
79′ KERMODE needs treatment after getting a ball in the stomach stopping those shots
77′ A full-on team Cook Islands wall sets up in front of goal, three shots from Vanuatu but none of them get past the wall
75′ SIMON comes around – a pass back to the keeper from Cooks after winning back and free kick in the box for Vanuatu
74′ HARMON hooks her shot up but it drops in front of TATE
73′ MILES does well to put the ball out as KALMET pressures up the right wing
71′ Cook Islands appear to be tiring after a massive 70 minutes of high intensity pressing
70′ Sustained attack from Cook Islands but Vanuatu has held up well
69′ TATE races off the mark to smother the ball under pressure from MARURAI
68′ HARMON wins and plays middle, well controlled by RONGOKEA who cuts inside her marker and lays forward for MARURAI who is offside
66′ The passing play from Vanuatu can’t be faulted for the most part but it’s always that last ball letting them down
65′ Vanuatu on the counter and it’s looking good but an unfortunate touch sees the ball bounce up into SIMON’s hand
64′ The turnover comes and Cook Islands send long for MARURAI to chase
63′ SIMON races free up the left and it could prove dangerous for Cook Islands
62′ RONGOKEA has dropped into the midfield to collect but there’s a mass of Vanuatu players in her way
60′ MARURAI tries to cut inside Leiwia TANGARASE
59′ Free kick for Cook Islands is lofted in by MURARE but it drops kindly for TATE to capture
58′ Vanuatu really trying to get past the Cook Islands defence but they’re remaining solid behind the ball
57′ SUB VAN Cynthia NGWELE makes room for Keren COULON
55′ GERE carries through the middle but more great defending from Cook Islands
54′ SUB COK Lyric DAVISON is replaced by Piri MURARE
53′ IRIPA well overed by MILES and KERMODE as she claims the loose ball
51′ The flag goes up on MARURAI
50′ MISS! For the second time GERE has her spot kick saved by IRIPA
49′ PENALTY! GERE is taken down in the box and the referee points to the sop for the third time in this match
48′ NGWELE pops the ball through but there’s no pressure on IRIPA as she bends and scoops
47′ GOAL!!! VAN 0-5 COK TATE saves the shot from MARURAI but she can’t stop the follow-up fron a well placed RONGOKEA
46′ The second half gets underway with more early pressure from Cook Islands
HT SUB COK: Josephine KURAIA is replaced by Daimzel RONGOKEA
HALF TIME: Vanuatu 0-4 Cook Islands
45’+1′ Free kick for Vanuatu is stopped short by TARINGA but GERE whips in to claim back
45′ One minute additional time
44′ Keiwua TAGARASE has a slight edge in the footrace with MARURAI and puts out for a throw
42′ Great vision from KURAIA to pick out DAVISON but the youngster doesn’t quite have the legs to win the ball
40′ Vanuatu race through on goal and although she misses the pass, SIMON has already been deemed offside
38′ GOAL!!! VAN 0-4 COK Nicola MARURAI goes 1v1 and makes no mistakes slotting under a diving TATE
36′ SUB COK The injured AREI is replaced by Ngame TARINGA
36′ GOAL!!! VAN 0-3 COK TATE gets a slight touch but HARMON has sent it far enough left of the keeper to score
34′ Drama! A penalty awarded for Cook Islands at the other end
33′ MISS! GERE sees her penalty saved by IRIPA after hitting it straight down the middle
34′ Ngapare NOOVAO’s challenge on Delphine KALMET sees the referee point to the penalty spot
33′ Cook Islands Tina AREAI is having some trouble and it looks like a first half change might be necessary
32′ Great run from Leimata SIMON up the right but fantastic running from HARMON to shut her down
29′ Long from IRIPA and it’s a poor first touch from KURAIA as the ball rolls out
29′ Well done by Vaina BONG to move Vanuatu into the Cook Islands half
28′ MARURAI is put through to go 1v1 with TATE but the flag goes up to call her back
26′ Excellent defending from Emilia TARAVAKI to halt the advance from Josephine KURAIA
24′ Annie GERE moves swiftly through the centre and plays long but the wind carries it to IRIPA
22′ Vanuau with a low shot but it’s pulled just wide
20′ Delphine KALMET is free at the back post but heads her effort over the goal
18′ GOAL!!! VAN 0-2 COK Moeroa HARMON lifts the free kick over the wall, TATE gets a hand but it’s in the net
17′ TATE more careful this time but again she gone out with the ball and HARMON is lining up a free kick just on the top line
15′ Cynthia NGWELE wins in the middle but as the highest Vanuatu player she has limited options
13′ Cook Islands heaping pressure on Vanuatu with TISAM demanding a high pressing game from his players
12′ Ruth TATE with a great save off Lyric DAVISON but she steps out of the area with the ball in hand and it’s a free kick for Cook Islands
10′ Cook Islands controlling the ball well with some neat passing and dribbling
9′ Vanuatu have a shot but Dora IRIPA claims and sends upfield for a quick counter attack
7′ Susan WILLIAMS heads away from goal but Vanuatu have kept enough numbers deep to claim first
5′ Some confusion at the back as Geneva MILES has two attackers to contend with, Vanuatu win a corner
4′ GOAL!!! VAN 0-1 COK Moeroa HARMON opens the scoring with an excellent strike
3′ Cook Islands with their first corner of the game and coach Tuka TISAM is sending most of the team forward
2′ Nicola MARURAI does well in the left corner but Vanessa KILETIA wins back
2′ Great defending from Vanuatu to win the ball back under pressure from Moeroa HARMON
1′ Poor clearance from Kayleena KERMODE but Susan WILLIAMS is behind her to clean up
1′ Vanuatu kick things off against the 2016 OFC U-17 Women’s Championship hosts Cook Islands

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