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Fiji have started their South Pacific Games Women’s Football Tournament with a resounding 4-1 victory over Cook Islands at Toleafoa J.S. Blatter Football Fields in Apia, Samoa.
Cook Islands gave a fair account of themselves against a Fiji side peppered with talent and verve and did well to hold Fiji for long periods of the match.

image courtesy of Geoff Dickinson Photography

Asena Reba Ratu was in commanding form for Fiji with two-goal midfield partner Vatulili also in excellent touch. Substitute Naomi Regu added Fiji’s fourth goal putting Cook Islands heroic
resistance to rest in the 78th minute.
Cook Islands didn’t go unrewarded with Tupou Patia scoring a consolation goal in the 81st minute.

In the other match in Pool A, medal favourites Papua New Guinea overcame a brave showing from American Samoa to win the match comfortably 6-0.

Deadly Daisy Winas - merciless against American Samoa 

Daisy Winas and Deslyn Siniu were in the electric form for Papua New Guinea with American Samoa goalkeeper Filiga Kerisiano was in inspirational form for the American territory denying
Julie Alau, Lydia Banabas and Tracey Kig with a string of courageous saves as her defence opened up in front of her.

Keresiano is one of three sisters in the American Samoa squad. Younger sister Meleane and eldest sibling Lelamay also performed with distinction – though it must be said saw far
less of the ball than their sister.

'Look Mum, no gloves' - Filiga Keresiano's unique approach to goalkeeping

Even the most inattentive of observers would have struggled to ignore that the goalkeeping Keresiano was literally keeping with her bare hands. The unique phenomenon which was standard
in the days of Gordon Banks,
José Pereira and kind is now seldom seen in Sunday League football – let alone Olympic qualifiers.

Not even the generous offer of a pair of gloves – which Keresiano simply insists are “not comfortable” – as a kind-hearted donation from the Papua New Guinean squad was enough to convince
Keresiano to coat her hands. Neither are the two other pairs the American Samoans already have in their kit-bag.

American Samoa coach Tunoa Lui was philosophical about his team’s performance, but could not help feeling a little let-down. “We didn’t hold our shape, and paid for it” mused Lui “but even
so, I think we can push on and challenge the other teams we have to play – and hopefully win a couple.”

The sentiments were echoed by team manager Maria Dickey, who was fully aware of the fact that Papua New Guinea – playing with a steady island breeze at their backs – were scoreless until the
dying minutes of the first half.

The victory for Papua New Guinea puts the Melanesians in the driving seat of Pool A, on goal difference ahead of Fiji.

The next matches in Pool A take place on Tuesday 28th August when American Samoa face Cook Islands 1800hrs (-GMT-13) and Papua New Guinea meet Solomon Islands 2030hrs (GMT-13).

Pool B features Tonga, New Caledonia, Tahiti and Samoa and kicks off on Thursday 30th August when Tonga meet New Caledonia at 1500hrs (GMT-13hrs) and Samoa meet Tahiti at 2030hrs

Women Group A 

Match day 1 – 25 August 2007 – 12:30

Stade Joseph Sepp BLATTER – Apia – Samoa  

Result Match 2

FIJI 4 (10. Asena Reba RATU – 17’, 13. Unaisi VATULILI – 57’ & 70’, 18. Naomi REGU – 78’)
COOK ISLANDS 1 (14. Tupou PATIA – 81’)

FIJI: 1. Lice WAQAILITI (GK), 3. Vika SADRAU, 4. Alisi MEREDANI, 6. Adiela KURIKABA (53’, 18. Naomi REGU), 10. Asena Reba RATU, 11. Kinisimere VANUA (80’, 8.
Radilaite MARAMA), 12. Lynette PEARCE, 13. Unaisi VATULILI, 15. Jijila GUGUCANAVANUA, 17. Unaisi MOCE, 19. Kinisimere RAVAI. 

Coach: Farouk JANEMAN 

Subs not used (remplaçants n’ayant pas joué): 2. Mereoni YABAKIDRAU, 5. Sera TALANAVULA, 7. Vulolo Anaisi TORA, 9. Laisana MATAELE, 14. Mereani GALO, 16.
Margaret MORRIS, 20 Ana Maria KARIKARI (GK). 

Cautions (cartons jaunes): 15. Jijilia DUGUCANAVANUA 61’ 

Red Cards (cartons rouges): none 


COOK ISLANDS: 1. Heimata HEATHER (GK), 2. Linda MATANGARO, 3. Linda MANUELA (71’, 15. Ana TUAKEU), 6. Teariivahine HENRY, 7. Mii PIRI (45’, 11. Melanie RAKEI),
8. Edwina MATENGA, 9. Isabel URIRAU, 10. Regina MUSTONEN, 13. Tekura KAUKURA, 14. Tupou PATIA, 17. Teremoana HEWETT (63’, 12. Elisabeth HARMON) 

Coach: Tim JERKS 

Subs not used (remplaçants n’ayant pas joué): 4. Helen PATIA, 5. Edwina TUTU, 16. Vaine NAPA, 20. Mareta ANGENE (GK). 

Cautions (cartons jaunes): none 

Red Cards (cartons rouges): none 


Referee: Chris LENGATA (SOL)

Assistant Referee: Mahit CHILIA (VAN)

Assistant Referee: Hamilton SIAU (SOL)

Fourth Official: Nelson SOGO (SOL)  

Women Group A 

Match day 1 – 25 August 2007 – 12:30

Stade Joseph Sepp BLATTER – Apia – Samoa  

Result Match 1  

PAPUA NEW GUINEA 6 (5. Priscilla KONALALAI 41’, 46’+, 9. Deslyn SINIU 44’, 12. Lydia BANABAS 55’, 16. Ara MIDI 68’, 8. Margaret ALAU 89’)

PAPUA NEW GUINEA: 1. Roxanne KOMENG; 3. Kathrina SALAIAU; 5. Priscilla KONALALAI; 7. Julie ALAU; 9. Deslyn SINIU; 10. Caroline MOEDER; 11. Daisy WINAS; 12. Lydia
BANABAS; 13. Judith MICHAEL; Tracey KIG; 15. Miriam LANTA.

Coach: Francis MOIYAP   

Subs not used (remplaçants n’ayant pas joué):  20. Linda BUNAGA; 16. Ara MIDI; 8. Margaret ALAU; 6. Cathy AGUNAM; 4. Helen BAKI; 2. Samantha

Cautions (cartons jaunes):   

Red Cards (cartons rouges):   

AMERICAN SAMOA: 1. Filiga KERISIANO; 4. Tofaagaolii OLOALUGA; 5. Fetu LAKISA; 7. Angela SAO; 8. Lelamay KERISIANO; 9. Meleane KERISIANO; 10. Ivette HERRERA; 11.
Sandra HERRERA; 12. Beulah ONEY; 13. Momi ENE; 15. Jasmine MAKIASI. 

Coach: Tunoa LUI  

Subs not used (remplaçants n’ayant pas joué): 2. Maria SEFO; 3. Regina WRIGHT; 6. Lita TAOTOTO; 14. Ora BROWN; 16. Nellie
TAUMANUPEPE; 24. Marleen SILIGI (GK); 18. Jermaima Fuatino KALEOPA; 19. Titula NAUER. 

Cautions (cartons jaunes): 

Red Cards (cartons rouges):    

Referee: Lencie FRED (VAN)

Assistant Referee: Michael JOSEPH (VAN)

Assistant Referee: Nawen HOPKEN (VAN)

Fourth Official: Finau VULIVULI (FIJ) 

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