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Solomon Islands: 1. Anthony TALO (GK), 2. Francis LAFAI, 3. Elliot RAGOMO (C), 4. George STEVENSON, 8. Jeffery BULE
Substitutes: 5. Samuel OSIFELO, 6. Robert LAUA, 7. James EGETA, 9. Micah LEA’ALAFA, 10. Jack WETNEY, 11. Coleman MAKAU, 12. Paul HUIA (GK), 13. Mathias SARU, 14. Alvin HOU
Coach: Juliano SCHMELING (BRA)
New Zealand:12. Elias BILLEH (GK), 7. Marvin EAKINS (C), 8. Daniel BURNS, 10. Dylan MANICKUM, 13. Miroslav MALIVUK
Substitutes: 1. Atta ELAYYAN (GK), 2. Luc SAKER, 3. Tai BARHAM, 4. Stephen ASHBY-PECKHAM, 5. James VAUGHAN, 6. Kareem OSMAN, 9. Jakub SINKORA, 11. Lucas CORDEIRO OSORIO DA SILVA, 14. Brayden LISSINGTON
Coach: Scott GILLIGAN (AUS)
Referee 1: Ryan SHEPHEARD (AUS)
Referee 2: Amitesh BEHARI (FIJ)
Third Official: Darius TURNER (AUS)
Timekeeper: Jainut DEAN (FIJ)
FULL TIME: Solomon Islands 4-1 New Zealand
0’10’ Free kick situation for New Zealand but DA SILVA sends over
0’29’ GOAL!! SOL 4-1 NZL EGETA sets Jeffery BULE up for a stunner
0’54’ New Zealand moving the ball well but can’t seem to break through the Solo defence
1’34’ Fantastic holding up from WETNEY in his own corner as neither SAKER or MALIVUK can win off him
2’09’ Great defending from EGETA who puts out as MALIVUK tries to turn
2’17’ WETNEY gets trapped in the New Zealand corner and has no option but to play the ball out
2’51’ BULE wins and opts just for a clearance upfield so the Kurukuru can regroup somewhat at the back
3’32’ RAGOMO goes 1v1 with BILLEH but the keeper does enough to prevent the goal
3’38’ MANICKUM and WETNEY continue to tussle
4’20’ Foul from WETNEY on OSMAN and New Zealand lining up a dead ball in range
4’39’ EGETA wins off the foot of MANICKUM and puts out
5’14’ New Zealand win a corner and pop it to DA SILVA on the half
6’09’ WETNEY wins and sends long but the open goal once again proves too small a target for Solo
6’26’ Shot from James VAUGHAN is caught by TALO who again goes for goal but is again over
7’15’ TALO catches the MALIVUK shot and goes for open goal but is off target
7’29’ Free kick for Solo, EGETA takes, LEA’ALAFA can’t connect for a tap in
7’54’ Poor pass sees New Zealand lose the ball, and Solo are working the ball forward
8’09’ GOAL!! SOL 3-1 NZL Micky MALIVUK lifts a shot past TALO into the top left corner
8’52’ RAGOMO sees DA SILVA off the line as he wins the ball, but the fifth man makes it back to deny the fourth
9’38’ New Zealand restart after the goal knowing they’ve got less than 10 minutes to climb this mountain
9’39’ Time out called
9’39’ GOAL!!! SOL 3-0 NZL RAGOMO goes solo flicking the ball over BILLEH
9’59’ WETNEY is applauded off the court as he’s replaced by LEA’ALAFA
10’30’ GOAL!! SOL 2-0 NZL The play starts and finishes with Jack WETNEY as he slides RAGOMO’s cross into the net
11’11’ BURNS is helped off and play restarts
11’12’ Clearance off the line from BURNS and he’s needing treatment in the mouth of New Zealand’s goal
11’37’ Physical challenge from STEVENSON on BARHAM
12’26’ New Zealand passing out of their half after winning back but MAKAU clears the ball well out
13’22’ Miscommunication between Coleman MAKAU and Jeffery BULE
13’52’ OSMAN is stretchered off for treatment
13’54’ OSMAN looks to have gone head first into the court in a challenge from EGETA
14’24’ Free kick New Zealand, they try something creative but the pass is straight out
15’01’ Stephen ASHBY-PECKHAM has a go but has pulled it outside the upright
15’34’ Still plenty of hustle left in this New Zealand side as OSMAN leads a charge
15’49’ Shot blocked out by EAKINS
16’02’ Another stray pass from New Zealand when they’re on attack, Solomons pounce and MALIVUK has to put the BILLEH save out
16’30’ Both TALO and MALIVUK are back on their feet and in action
16’30 TALO has also picked up an injury and is clutching at his chest
16’30 MALIVUK goes down in the area, New Zealand try to finish the action but send away from goal
17’11 New Zealand counter, MANICKUM moving well but the pass from EAKINS is out
17’25’ MALIVUK flashes a shot across teh face of the Solomon goal but it doesn’t trouble TALO too much
17’57’ Solomon Islands back down New Zealand’s end for a corner
20’00’ The Futsal Whites restart us for the second half
HALF TIME: Solomon Islands 1-0 New Zealand
0-15′ New Zealand come back in numbers to surround RAGOMO who breaks
0’41’ New Zealand win back and advance with speed, great stop out from STEVENSON
1’20’ New Zealand go 3v2 on the counter but a poor pass wide is well ahead of MANICKUM
1’49’ YELLOW CARD NZL Tai BARHAM is cautioned for his challenge on LEA’ALAFA
2’11’ WETNEY wins off BURNS, plays LEA’ALAFA who shoots over the goal
3’13’ LEA’ALAFA races up the right, combining with STEVENSON his shot is saved between the feet of BILLEH
4’53’ Off the underside of the crossbar from RAGOMO!
5’07’ YELLOW CARD NZL Dylan MANICKUM is cautioned
5’26’ Luc SAKER swings in a shot but TALO captures
6’07’ Poor pass from MANICKUM, EGETA wins and plays LAFAI who shoots for sidenet
6’19’ New Zealand have a penalty after Solomons 6th foul – EAKINS takes but TALO saves
6’50’ RAGOMO and STEVENSON break 2v2 – they beat EAKINS with the lay off, STEVENSON crosses but RAGOMO can’t get a touch
7’05’ MANICKUM really displaying patience at the moment to keep possession
7’41’ BILLEH goes down hard and he’s being assessed but looks ok to continue
8’00’ EGETA smashes straight down the middle from distance but BILLEH gets it down
8’31’ Kareem OSMAN goes for a shot but has it blocked out
9’04 DA SILVA misses BURNS’ feet with his pass and it’s SOLO ball
9’46’ Quick break from New Zealand but the MALIVUK shot is blocked
10’08’ Blocked away by TALO
10’12’ LEA’ALAFA with a foul on the edge of the arc and it looks dangerous for Solo as Daniel BURNS steps in behind
10’32’ New Zealand work their way up the court and win a corner off James EGETA
11’05’ Marvin EAKINS closes down RAGOMO on the left
12’33’ YELLOW CARD SOL Jack WETNEY is cautioned
12’41’ GOAL!!! SOL 1-0 NZL Elliot RAGOMO with a stunning individual effort, slotted low in the corner
12’58’ It gets a bit heated out there as the Solomons feel hard done by but the ref is clear in his decision
13’22 WETNEY scoops a shot in but BILLEH is up to punch away
13’48’ Poor pass back to OSIFELO and the Futsal Whites are handed back possession
14’05’ LEA’ALAFA breaks through the centre, lays wide but WETNEY can’t finish as BILLEH slides out
14’22’ Long range effort from Samuel OSIFELO but outside the target
15’45’ Elias BILLEH goes long for MANICKUM but Anthony TALO has it covered
15’03’ Sent across court for Jack WETNEY but it was an ambitious pass that rolls too long
15’30’ Lucas DA SILVA crosses for an arriving BURNS but he’s timed his slide to late
15’51’ Great movement of the ball from Solo, the shot eventually comes from Coleman MAKAU but he’s hit it wide
16’26’ RAGOMO plays Micah LEA’ALAFA who shoots but MALIVUK hits out for a corner
16’58’ New Zealand have tried to lift the ball up and over a couple of times to hit target men Micky MALIVUK and Daniel BURNS but have yet to pull off the move
17’32’ MANICKUM wins off Francis LAFAI but his touch sends it over the goal line
18’04’ Dylan MANICKUM takes out George STEVENSON and gets a warning from Ryan SHEPHEARD to cut it out
18’19’ The Futsal Whites flash a shot across the goal
18’30 New Zealand appeal for a hand-ball but the refs aren’t having a bar of it
55′ Solo with the ball, working it at the back, New Zealand keeping things tight so far
20’00’ Solomon Islands get the match underway and the crowd goes crazy when Elliot RAGOMO touches the ball up front

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