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Auckland City FC: 24. Diego RIVAS (GK), 3. Takuya IWATA 4. Mario BILEN, 5. Angel BERLANGA (C), 9. Darren WHITE, 11. Te Atawhai HUDSON-WIHONGI, 14. Clayton LEWIS, 16. Daewook KIM, 17. Joao MOREIRA, 19. Micah LEA’ALFA, 25. Fabrizio TAVANO
Substitutes: 1. Jacob SPOONLEY (GK), 2. Marko DORDEVIC, 6. Jesse EDGE, 7. Reid DRAKE, 8. Michael DEN HEIJER, 10. Ryan DE VRIES, 12. Nicolai BERRY, 13. Alfred ROGERS, 15. Ivan VICELICH, 18. Danyon DRAKE (GK), 20. Emiliano TADE
Absent: 22. Andrew MILNE
Coach: Ramon Tribulietx (ESP)
Amicale FC: : 1. Mauro BOERCHIO (GK), 2. Ian HOGG, 5. Francesco PERRONE, 7. Antonio VIOLI, 9. Adam DICKINSON, 12. Dominique FRED, 15. Diego NADAYA, 17. Nelson SALE (C), 21. Giorgio BERTACCHI, 24. Octav MELTECOIN, 26. Diego GALVAO
Substitutes: 4. Gianmario LIBURDI, 6. Colin MARSHALL, 8. Jack WETNEY, 10. Fenedy MASAUVAKOLO, 11. James NAKA, 13. Francois SAKAMA, 14. Alphonse BONGNAIM, 18. Freddie KINI, 20. Seiloni IARUEL (GK), 22. Jackson TEMARKON, 25. Jacky RUBEN
Absent: 3. Goshen DONA
Coach: Mauro Bertoni (ITA)
Match Officials
Referee: Averii JACQUES (TAH)
Assistant Referee 1: Ravinesh KUMAR (FIJ)
Assistant Referee 2: Ujwaal MUDLIAR (FIJ)
Fourth Official: Salesh CHAND (FIJ)
FULL TIME: Auckland City 3 – 1 Amicale
90’+4′ GOAL!!! Auckland City 3 – 1 Amicale: It’s all over now as a BOERCHIO clearance strikes the back of one of his own players and falls to MOREIRA to calmly slot past the exposed goalkeeper
90’+3′ YELLOW CARD: Former Auckland player Ian HOGG goes into the book for Amicale
90’+1′ Amicale now have to find an equaliser in these closing stages or they will be going out of the competition
90′ Five minutes of additional time will be played
90′ SUB AMI: Francesco PERRONE is replaced by Gianmario LIBURDI for Amicale
90′ GOAL!!! Auckland City 2 – 1 Amicale: Auckland appear to have pinched it when DE VRIES fizzes a low shot into the far corner
87′ YELLOW CARD: Substitute Jacky RUBEN goes into the book for Amicale
86′ DE VRIES makes progress down the left and looks to cross but can’t pick out a team mate
83′ A poor goal kick from BOERCHIO gives MOREIRA a chance but he puts his effort straight at the goalkeeper
82′ SUBS AMI: Amicale make a double change, Octav MELTECOIN and Dominique FRED being replaced by Freddie KINI and Jacky RUBEN
80′ DE VRIES has a half chance for Auckland but his shot from close range is blocked at the near post
75′ Francesco PERRONE meets the corner but can’t get his header on target
75′ WHITE becomes a hero at the other end this time as he chests a dangerous Amicale cross out for a corner
73′ DE VRIES meets another deep cross from Auckland but puts his header wide
71′ GOAL!!! Auckland City 1 – 1 Amicale: Auckland’s patience is rewarded as a deep cross from IWATA finds its way to Darren WHITE, who cuts onto his left and rifles a shot into the far corner
69′ BOERCHIO rises to claim the LEWIS corner this time
68′ A LEWIS corner causes problems in the Amicale box before being bundled out for another corner
64′ Amicale goalkeeper Mauro BOERCHIO has his palms stinged by a powerful LEWIS strike
64′ SUB AUC: Auckland make another change as they look to get back into the game, Nicolai BERRY coming on for LEA’ALFA
62′ LEA’ALFA tries to pick out the run of IWATA in the box but Amicale defend the attack well and earn a goal kick
59′ SUB AUC: Auckland play one of their trump cards, bringing on Ryan DE VRIES to replace Fabrizio TAVANO
58′ The corner breaks to TAVANO on the edge of the area and Joao MOREIRA nearly turns his shot in but the ball lands on the roof of the net
57′ Clayton LEWIS drills a low free kick straight into the Amicale wall and it goes out for a corner
55′ Takuya IWATA drills the ball goalwards from the corner of the area but it strikes one of his own players, the grounded Micah LEA’ALFA
50′ The second half has continued in the same vein as the first with Auckland dominating possession and Amicale making the champions attempt to play through them
48′ Darren WHITE’s corner eventually finds his way to Fabrizio TAVANO outside the area and his tries his luck but it’s a difficult ball to hit and his effort goes wide
47′ Auckland win a corner as they look to get back on level terms
46′ We’re off and running again here for the second half
HALF TIME: Auckland City 0 – 1 Amicale
45′ One minute of additional time will be played
42′ Antonio VIOLI tries his luck from a long way out for Amicale but his effort goes high and wide
42′ LEA’ALFA nearly gets in behind the Amicale defence but the offside flag is raised
40′ For all their possession though, Auckland have created only a couple of chances and the Amicale defence looks comfortable at this stage
40′ With half-time now approaching, Amicale will be desperate to get into the break with their lead still intact
37′ Fabrizio TAVANO curls the free kick into the wall and the ball eventually breaks for Te Atawhai HUDSON-WIHONGI to volley over from the edge of the area
36′ Auckland have a free kick in a very handy position just outside the box after MOREIRA is brought down
33′ WHITE does his best to keep in a Mario BILEN ball down the right but the linesman rules that the ball beat him to the line
31′ Micah LEA’ALFA cuts onto his right inside the Amicale box and shoots but the effort is blocked
29′ YELLOW CARD: MOREIRA goes into the book for Auckland after retaliating following a challenge
28′ BOERCHIO makes another save from a MOREIRA header, this time from point blank range but it did go straight into his hands
27′ Auckland nearly equalise when Joao MOREIRA heads a Darren WHITE free kick towards the corner but Mauro BOERCHIO pulls off a great save
24′ GOAL!!! Auckland City 0 – 1 Amicale: Amicale take the lead against the run of play when former Auckland player Adam DICKINSON brings the ball down in the box and turns before placing a shot past goalkeeper Diego RIVAS
23′ A great ball from Te Atawhai HUDSON-WIHONGI releases Clayton LEWIS and he cuts inside to shoot but can’t bend his effort inside the far post
20′ WHITE’s free kick from the foul is lofted past the far post and Fabrizio TAVANO knocks it into the middle but can’t pick out a team mate
19′ YELLOW CARD: Diego GALVAO goes into the book for Amicale after bringing down WHITE
17′ Amicale goalkeeper Mauro BOERCHIO gathers a WHITE cross at his near post
15′ Amicale have set themselves up well defensively but are going to find it difficult to create many goalscoring opportunities if the current patter continues
12′ Auckland are patiently stringing their passes together as per usual but are yet to penetrate the Amicale defence
9′ Auckland put together a nice passing move down the right to give Darren WHITE the opportunity to cross, Joao MOREIRA meets it but is being challenged at the time and puts his effort wide
7′ Defending champions Auckland are now settling into their possession-based style and are starting to monopolise the ball
5′ Auckland’s Micah LEA’ALFA becomes the first player to try his luck at goal but his from the corner of the penalty area is blocked
3′ The game has begun in even fashion with both sides getting some early touches of the ball
1′ The weather had cleared up after the end of the day’s first game but the rain has now come back, making conditions underfoot pretty slippery
1′ KICK-OFF: We’re underway for this all-important final match of Group A

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