Amendment to order of matches

15h00 Tonga vs. Cook Islands
17h30 Samoa vs. American Samoa
Previously the Samoa vs American Samoa match had been scheduled to take place first. But since only one of Samoa or American Samoa is able to progress beyond this tournament to the second stage of OFC’s qualifying pathway, the OFC Nations Cup 2012, a proposal to change the order was made by OFC to FIFA in accordance with article 19 of the Regulations of the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™.
With the amount of interest garnered throughout the week, and in recognition of the efforts by Football Federation Samoa in organising the event, it seems the natural progression for the final day of Stage 1 to conclude with this winner-takes-all match. Both games will be played at J.S. Blatter Stadium in Apia, Samoa, on Saturday 26 November.

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