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Vanuatu: 1. Serge DANIEL (GK), 3. Don MANSALE, 7. Ben HUNGAI (C),9. Donald AVOCK, 11. Joseph HANGHANGKON,
Substitutes: 2. Terry MALAPA, 4. Dudley DOMINIQUE, 5. Jacky JOHN, 6. Morsen LUIE, 8. Pakoa RAKOM, 10. Ricky TUIGALOA, 12. Jimmy MALAP (GK), 13. George MAHIT
Coach: Louis DOMINIQUE (VAN)
Fiji: 1. Ulaiasi TAMANISAU (GK), 8. Akitesh KUMAR, 9. Maciu TUILAU (GK), 12. Anish KUMAR, 13. Kevin SINGH
Substitutes: 2. Prashant PRASAD, 3. Praveet SINGH, 4. Mira SAHIB (C), 5. Shelvin CHAND, 6. Roderick CHAND, 7. Mohammed SHALMEEN, 0. Dhiraj KUMAR, 11. Altaaf SAHIB, 14. Suraj CHAND
Coach: Intiaz KHAN (FIJ)
Referee 1: Rex KAMUSU (SOL)
Referee 2: Francis RONI (SOL)
Third Official: Chris SINCLAIR (NZL)
Timekeeper: Philip MANA (SOL)
FULL TIME: Vanuatu 5-2 Fiji
0’30’ Fiji free kick and Vanuatu turnover but the pass from TUIGALOA is poor
1’23’ Fiji counter attack via D. KUMAR but he’s dispossessed by AVOCK rather easily
2’45’ GOAL!!! VAN 5-2 FIJ Maciu TUILAU’s hard work is rewarded as he pulls one back for Fiji
3’37’ Sliding save from Altaaf SAHIB as TUIGALOA brings the ball through the centre with the goal in sight
4’03’ TAMANISAU injured in an action in front of his goal and requires treatment
4’43’ Altaaf SAHIB finds himself 1v1 with TUIGALOA who does enough to quell the danger
6’13’ The first effort is blocked and when it pops to George MAHIT he smashes well over the top of the goal
6’20’ Great effort off the left from Terry MALAPA and Vanuatu win a free kick, and call a time out
6’56’ Fiji trying to find a path through Vanuatu but the pace is a lot slower than Vanuatu’s previos match and they’ve got plenty of energy to burn
9’02’ Fiji call a time out
9’38’ GOAL!!! VAN 5-1 FIJ Ricky TUIGALOA holds the ball well as TAMANISAU dives at his feet, round the keeper and slots home
9’53’ TAMANISAU aims for the goal but sends too long
10’54’ Great footwork from MANSALE who draws the keeper off his line but chips just over the goal
11’11’ Shot from HANGHANGKON is captured by TAMANISAU
13’24’ A long range effort from Mohammed SHALMEEN is well off target
13’54’ Dudley DOMINIQUE holds his defender off well to win a pass in for Vanuatu
15’22’ GOAL!!! VAN 4-1 FIJ An own goal adds to Vanuatu’s advantage
15’50’ RAKOM makes an individual run through three defenders but when a fourth joins he’s well out numbered
17’38’ GOAL!! VAN 3-1 FIJ Tidy turn in a tight space from Pakoa RAKOM who then fires into the top of the net
18’30’ Fiji play long but Akitesh KUMAR can’t get a foot in to trouble DANIEL
19’46’ TUILAU proving a real find for Fiji as he halts a Vanautu shot just in front of the line
20’00 Fiji get the second half started
HALF TIME: Vanuatu 2-1 Fiji
0’46’ GOAL!!! VAN 2-1 FIJ Pakoa RAKOM touches around his marker and fires past TAMANISAU
2’17’ AVOCK and HANGHANGKON combine to win back possession, the shot from RAKOM is well off-target
3’51’ GOAL!!! VAN 1-1 FIJ Don MANSALE finds the back of the net to bring Vanuatu back in line with Fiji
4’01 Joseph HANGHANGKON breaks this time, but a sliding save from Dhiraj KUMAR deflects the shot
4’29’ George MAHIT blasts the ball at goal and it rebounds back into play off the crossbar
5’24’ MANSALE breaks with two to beat but can’t get past Anish KUMAR on this occasion
6’12’ Vanuatu advance through LUIE but a timely intercept from Fiji’s TUILAU slows them down
6’59’ Great play from Fiji with Mira SAHIB leading the advance, but they can’t quite pull off a shot
7’44’ Another effort from LUIE but Ulaiasi TAMANISAU pushes the ball clear
7’55’ Morsen LUIE smashes in a shot but it’s well blocked by Fiji for a corner
8’01’ Time out called by Fiji
8’12’ Unlucky from Vanautu as all their efforts are halted, including by the post and off the line!
8’26’ Foul from Fiji’s keeper and MANSALE and RAKOM are behind the free kick
8’56’ No luck from that and Fiji follow up with a corner but it’s nicked by Vanuatu for a swift counter
9’01’ Foul from DANIEL and Altaaf SAHIB, Fiji’s free kick specialist has come on the court
9’12’ RAKOM tries to go it alone but hits it wide
10’04’ Donald AVOCK drives the ball to RAKOM at the far post who touches goalwards but DANIEL drops for the block
11’46’ Pakoa RAKOM with a cross shot that flies across the face of the goal
13’41’ MANSALE with a solo effort through the middle drill just outside the post
14’22’ DANIEL receives at the back and launches the ball forward but sends too long for MANSALE or HUNGAI’s liking
14’41’ Great effort from Altaaf SAHIB to lay off, turn and receive back before smashing his shot for DANIEL to punch out
15’19’ Kevin SINGH blocks the shot from HUNGAI, the follow up shoots wide of the target
15’39’ Vanuatu searching for a path past Fiji but the hosts are holding strong
17’36’ GOAL!!! VAN 0-1 FIJ Maciu TUILAU opens the scoring for Fiji with a smashing finish past Serge DANIEL
18’15’ Ben HUNGAI plays the corner to Donald AVOCK at the top of the arc, but he smashes wide
18’50’ Don MANSALE in possession at the back looks for a way past Maciu TUILAU who stands strong to the challenge
20’00 Vanuatu kick things off at Vodafone Arena against hosts, Fiji

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