The statistics clearly favour the Solomon Islanders who are three from three against the Caledonians. Both sides are still searching for their first win in this competition, though Solomon Islands have earned a point thanks to their 0-0 draw against Vanuatu on Match Day 2.
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New Caledonia: 20. Thomas SCHMIDT (GK), 4. Pierre KAUMA (c), 8. Mickael PARTODIKROMO, 9. Raphael OIREMOIN, 10. Joseph ATHALE, 12. Didier SIMANE, 13. Eugene SAKILIA, 14. Frederic NEMIA, 15. Johan IDRELE, 17. Jacky WEINANE, 18. Marion WARU
Substitutes: 1. Yoran WAIMA (GK), 2. Brandon MEAOU, 3. Jordy KAUSUO, 5. Theo JALABERT, 6. Jorys LALIE, 11. Valentin NYKEINE, 16. Jacky WETEWEA, 21. Josue WATHIEPEL
Coach: Kamali FITIALEATA (NCL)
Solomon Islands: 1. Philip MANGO (GK) (c), 2. Rollence MISITANA, 5. Misitana SAMANI, 8. Joachim KAIRI, 9. Dunstan QUANAFIA JNR, 10. Jared RONGOSULIA, 13. Fred BALA, 14. Atkin KAUA, 16. Timothy BUNABO JNR, 18. Allen PETER, 19. Timothy BAKALE, 20. James DO’ORO (GK)
Substitutes: 3. Simon DAOI, 4. Loea Erekona LEMIX, 6. Alffie CHACHA, 7. Edmond Felix TAEVO, 11. Herrick LAUTALO, 17. Brett HONISAWA
Coach: Commins MENAPI (SOL)
Match Officials
Referee: Albert MARU (PNG)
Assistant Referee 1: Folio MOEAKI (TGA)
Assistant Referee 2: Sione TEU (TGA)
Fourth Official: Averii JACQUES (TAH)
The final whistle sounds
90′ + 2′ He’s back on his feet and Atkin Kaua is ready to deliver the corner, he goes short to Rongosulia who sends into the six yard, Quanafia is there waiting but heads his effort over
90′ + 1′ Schmidt has gone down injured in that save
Three minutes additional time signalled
90′ It’s a close call as Rolgosulia flies in at Schmidt but the keeper denies for a corner
89′ GOAL!!! New Caledonia 3-1 Solomon Islands Valentin Nyikeine cuts inside his defender and fires low with his right under a diving Mango
88′ Idrele and Daoi tussle deep in Caledonia territory
87′ SUBSTITUTION Solomon Islands take Rollence Misitana off replacing him with Simon Saoi
87′ Sakilia races up the right flank and gets a shot off but it’s just over the bar
86′ A stumble from Samani sees Nyikeine go towards goal but again he sends it straight to Mango’s waiting hands
86′ Athale receives it long from Wainane but can’t get it under contol
85′ Nyikeine receives out wide, takes his time on the ball before playing on to Wathiepel who is offside
84′ Nyikeine through at the other end, fires into Mango
84′ Cross comes from Bakale, missed by Weinane and knocked back to the keeper and almost the back of the net by Kauma
83′ The restart is taken by Solomons and they’re already deep in Caledonian territory with Idrele working hard to keep Bakale at bay
82′ Play still hasn’t restarted as Rollence Misitana of Solomon Islands receives treatment for what looks like a head injury
81′ GOAL!!! New Caledonia 2-1 Solomon Islands Mango can’t get a grip and it pops to an unmarked Athale who takes a touch and fires home
80′ Call goes in New Caledonia’s favour as Idrele delivers into the box
80′ Clash in the middle of the park as both Simane and Samani hit the deck
79′ SUBSTITUTION: New Caledonia swap Oiremoin out for Valentin Nyikiene
77′ Athale finds Simane, it’s delivered to Idrele who pops it out to Oiremoin but his left-footed shot takes a deflection and bobbles to Mango
77′ Comes into the box but is headed clear by the defence
76′ Oiremoin is fouled by Lemix and looks in a lot of pain as Athale lines up the kick
75′ Kaua gets in the way of the clearance from Idrele
75′ Simane makes a move forward, finds Athale who is crowded off the ball in the Solomons area
74′ No shot off and New Caledonia advance but can’t make inroads
73′ Quanafia is knocked down by substitute Wetewea and Solomons are lining up a free kcik
72′ SUBSTITUTION: Mickael Partodikromo is replaced by Jacky Wetewea for New Caledonia
72′ Solomons look a revived side as they continue to break down New Caledonia’s tiring defence
71′ Goes over Nemia at the back and Kaua picks up and crosses – ball hits Schmidt who sends long
70′ Peter has a go but sends off target
67′ Quanafia wins the ball in the centre, shot comes from Rongosulia and is punched away by Schmidt to Kairi who’s follow up shot is weak
66′SUBSTITUTION: Marion Waru is replaced by Josue Wathiepel for New Caledonia
66′ GOAL!!! New Caledonia 1-1 Solomon Islands Schmidt slaps down a shot at his post but it bounces across the goal to a waiting Kaua who fires past a scrambling Schmidt
65′ Athale in the middle, finds Oiremoin, New Caledonia have numbers but it’s away
64′ Solomon Islands have come into this half much better than their oppontents – another shot comes flying in from Lemix but Weinane sends it away
63′ Close call as it comes across to Allen Peter who volleys a cross to the far post, an arriving Kaua sends it wide of the post
62′ Another Solomons effort is deflected away from Schmidt for a corner
62′ Free kick looks good but it’s fired away from goal by the defence
62′ Jacky Weinane with a clattering challenge on Quanafia
60′ Idrele plays Athale through but he’s shouldered off the ball by Lemix
59′ The ball takes a deflection but Schmidt has it under control
59′ Joris Lalie brings down a Solomon player
59′ Sent long by New Caledonia but Oiremoin is still making his way back onside and leaves it
58′ Corner comes in at the near post from Idrele and it’s another corner off Kairi, second time it goes long from Iderle
57′ Free kcik smashed goalwards is just tipped away by Mango
56′ New Caledonia send it long but Waru is well offside
55′SUBSTITUTION: Solomon Islands bring Loea Lemix in to replace Fred Bala
55′ Two efforts from New Caledonia stopped short in quick succession by Mango
54′ Great lofted effort from Allen Peter almost falls behind Schmidt who leaps high to catch
53′ Corner headed back out to Partodikromo who sends it over off his left
53′ Athale lays off to Oiremoin, who crosses his effort into the defender for a corner
52′ Quanafia can’t keep it in under pressure from Nemia
51′ Great footwork from Quanafia sees him get off a cross which is promptly captured by Schmidt in the middle
50′ Quanafia and Kaua both lining it up, left by Quanafia but Kaua blasts it into the wall
50′ Hand ball outside the box from New Calednia and Solomon Islands are lining up a dangerous kick inside the half circle
48′ Atkin Kaua with a shot that goes well high and wide of the target
46′ Shot from Quanafia is away from goal by Weinane
The second half gets underway
Referee signals for half time
45+ Timothy Bakale targets goal. But his swinging free kick goes straight over
45′ Solomons get a free kick
43′ Raphael Oiremoin lobs a shot inside the Solomons box. With the keeper beaten Solomon defenders clear from the line
42′ New Caledonia caught off side
41′ Marion Waru comes in with a powerful drive. Shot sails over the bar
41′ Idrele with great command of the ball in his own box dribbles around the Solom player to clear
40′ Oiremoin wins the ball but Mickael Partodikomo loses it on the first touch
39′ Corner conceded by New Caledonia as Schmidt is deemed to have touched it out
38′ Johan Idrele fouls Quanafia, Atkin Kaua in behind the free kick
38′ Athale lineup the free kick, Simane in beh
ind the defence gets a touch wide of the upright but is offside anyway
37′ Oiremoin is away but Misitana leaves a foot out bringing the towering striker down
36′ Athale chips for Oiremoin but it runs long to Mango on the edge of the area
35′ Simane nicks it in the middke but his send is poor
33′ Oiremoin can’t hold on in the box and the ball goes back out for a Solomon Island attack
32′ Bala shoots from wide right and the ball just dips a little too late
32′ Schmidt off his line to collect, plays wide to Sakilia
31′ Corner sent low and stopped at the edge by Athale, second attempt from Bala is a dead ball
30′ Bala’s cross is knocked out for a corner
30′ Tidy block from Simane as Timothy Bunabo tries to find his way up the line
29′ Johan Idrele tries to close Bakale down in the middle but he manages to get a pass off
28′ Kairi tries to keep a long ball in but it rolls over for a goal kick
26′ Bakale plays into the centre but it’s cleared by Jacky Weinane – only straight to Solomon feet
26′ Kauma knocks down Quanafia and Solomons are on the advance
25′ Simane tries to turn past Samani but he reads it well and blocks
25′ Intercept from Sakilia and Caledonia is on the advance, but it’s shut down by Alffie Chacha
24′ Delivery looks good but it’s just over the top
24′ Free kick for New Caledonia 15 m off the top of the area, Athale in behind
23′ One-two from Bakale and Kairi before the number 19 shoots but Schmidt gets low to smother
22′ New Caeldonia win it back before losing it straight after in centre of the park
21′ Great touches from Quanafia who lays off to Timothy Balake. The shot just flys over the cross bar
20′ Free kick for Solomon Islands in their half, they try to play it out and find Samane out wide, he plays into the centre it comes from Kairi to Quanafia who shoots wide
18′ Late foot from Misitana Samani brings down Simane
16′ Oiremoin goes in hard on Misitana and concedes on the edge of the Solomon Islands box while also injuring himself in the process
15′ Frrederic Nemia goes into a 50-50 at pace and concedes a free kick, Fred Bala blasts over the bar
13′ Offside for Marion Doui Waru and Solomon Islands take the kick quickly
12′ GOAL!!! New Caledonia 1-0 Solomon Islands Euguene Sakilia comes into the box, plays it back to the top for Raphael Oiremoin to slam into the back of the net
11′ Kairi and Quanafia combine out wide as they try to pass their way into the penalty area, Schmidt with a save
10′ Tackle from Joachim Kairi on Athale sees him hit the deck, free kick results in a kick for keeper Mango
10′ New Caledonia slowing the advances of the Solomon Islands but struggling to keep possession when they win the ball
9′ Joseph Athale is deemed to have fouled Quanafia near touch and it’s a free kick for Solomons
7′ Solomon Islands find Quanafia who sends it on with a tidy backheel
6′ Quanafia skips past three players before Pierre Kauma swoops in to collect
5′ Raphael Oiremoin receives off the top of the box, takes several steps forward and blasts low but Mango eventually stops it after a slight fumble
4′ Sent into the box by Didier Simane but Phillip Mango comes out to the edge to capture
4′ Rollence Misitana with a foul on Sakilia and New Caledonia have a free kick
3′ Falls to Dunstan Quanafia in the box who shoots, but good save from keeper Thomas Schmidt on his line
3′ Jared Rongosulia with a steal in the centre and Solomo Islands on the advance
2′ Pierre Kauma sends long and finds Sakilia, eventually comes to Joseph Athale who can’t get a good touch
1′ Solomon Islands play long but Eugene Sakilia gets a foot in
The match gets underway