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Samoa: 1. Masi TOETU (GK), 3. Faitalia HAMILTON-PAMA, 4. Andrew SETEFANO, 6. Joseph DAN-TYRELL, 7. John HALL, 8. Andrew MOBBERLEY, 9. Silao MALO, 10. Desmond FAAIUASO (c), 13. Filipo BURETA, 14. Lapalapa TONI, 16. Jarrel SALE,
Substitutes: 2. Henry PUPI, 5. Vito LALOATA, 11. Mike SAOFAIGA, 12. Lawrie PIO, 15. Viliami VILIAMU, 17. Benson HUNT, 18. Isia FEALOFAI, 19. Darren TALILAI, 20. Elvis ROEBECK, 21. Faalavelave MATAGI (GK)
Coach: Phineas YOUNG (SAM)
American Samoa: 1. Pita FALEVALU (GK), 2. Ne’emia KALEOPA, 3. Jordan GRANT, 5. Jason SII, 7. Dylan HARDIE-JORDAN, 8. Ryan Aloalii MITCHELL, 9. Ramin OTT (C), 11. Demetrius BEAUCHAMP, 13. Rawlston MASANIAI, 14. Justin MANA’O, 19. Ryan SAMUELU
Substitutes: 4. Moe Casperpona KURESA, 6. Kaleopa SILIGI, 10. Panweichi KALEOPA, 12. Paul COLLINS, 15. Tor-Lawrence MANA’O, 17. Uasila’a HELETA, 20. Raphael ROCHA, 21. Sam KOME, 23. Nicky SALAPU (GK)
Coach: Larry MANA’O (USA)
Full Time: Samoa 3-2 American Samoa
90’+4′ A chance for American Samoa as TOETU spills the long range effort from J. MANA’O but it’s cleared
90’+3′ Corner for Samoa taken short, it comes in past FALEVALU but VILIAMU can’t finish at the far post
90’+1′ Cross comes in for Dylan HARDIE but he heads it just wide
Four minutes additional time
90′ SUB ASA Jordan GRANT is replaced by Paul COLLINS
86′ GOAL!!! Samoa 3-2 American Samoa BEAUCHAMP with his second off an excellent set-up by Tor-Lawrence MANA’O
85′ TOETU forced to dive and cover as a low drive is smashed in at his goal
85′ Benson HUNT races across to put out as American Samoa line up the goal
83′ SOAFAIGA takes out Ryan SAMUELU and the MANA’O brothers switch play and press forward
82′ Jordan GRANT takes another knock and hobbles to the side for treatment
81′ Well won by VILIAMU off Dylan JORDAN
80′ OTT goes for a run through the middle and makes up a decent amount of ground but they don’t get in too close before it’s turned over
79′ FAAIUASO smashes a ball over the goal off a flick back from SOAFAIGA
77′ John HALL goes down in a challenge and Samoa have a free kick
75′ SUB SAM Filipo BURETA makes room for Viliami VILIAMU
74′ Skied over the cross bar by MALO for a goal kick
73′ Samoa lining up a dangerous free kick off the corner of the box with MALO lining it up
71′ Quick counter from American Samoa up the right they’re looking for a way into the box but MALO clears
70′ Free kick for Samoa smashed into the wall by John HALL
69′ Ramin OTT with great control at the back but unfortunately follows it up with a slightly too strong challenge on MALO
68′ An shot from Filipo BURETA goes over the top of the target
67′ BEAUCHAMP brings the ball down but SETEFANO clears off him for a Samoa throw
65′ SUB ASA Tor-Lawrence MANA’O comes on in place of Jason SII
64′ BEAUCHAMP with another run forward before MALO stops him short
62′ Jordan GRANT is taken down in a crunching challenge and play suspends briefly
59′ BEAUCHAMP has a go but his header doesn’t have the power behind it to beat TOETU
57′ SUB SAM Mike SAOFAIGA replaces Joseph TYRELL
54′ RED CARD Lapalapa TONI is shown a red card and Samoa are down to ten
51′ The tempers have reached their peak as Lapalapa TONI goes in at Aloilii MITCHELL
49′ American Samoa building well with Dylan JORDAN covering a lot of ground in the middle for them
47′ American Samoa in control at the back but that high pressure from Samoa forces a quick decision
46′ Samoa get the second half underway with a quick press forward
Half Time: Samoa 3-1 American Samoa
45’+1′ Long ball for GRANT – but his first touch is poor
45′ Two minutes additional time
44′ J. MANA’O brings down FAAIUASO in the middle
43′ YELLOW CARD Ryan SAMUELU is cautioned for American Samoa after a challenge on FAAIUASO
40′ Free kick for American Samoa whipped in at the near post TOETU fumbles it but recovers under no pressure
38′ GOAL!!! Samoa 3-1 American Samoa Dimitrius BEAUCHAMP gets on the board with a delightful solo effort over an outstretched TOETU
37′ Aloalii MITCHELL puts a great chip over the defence for GRANT but he volleys it over the cross bar
35′ YELLOW CARD GRANT picks up a caution for his role in that
34′ Jordon GRANT is penalised for taking out FAAIUASO but needs treatment himself for a facial injury
32′ Samoa sending pressure up the right flank but Ramin OTT has been outstanding in a sweeping position so far
30′ SETEFANO has pushed forward but can’t finish at the far post
29′ Samoa have a free kick and Silao MALO is eyeing it up with Joseph TYRELL
28′ American Samoa struggling to clear at the back, the shot comes in but they do enough to deny
26′ GOAL!!! Samoa 3-0 American Samoa Andrew MOBBERLEY finds the back of the net for Samoa
25′ J. MANA’O tries to find Demetrius BEAUCHAMP up front but they can’t quite connect
22′ Heavy challenge from Jarrel SALE in the middle of the park but American Samoa can’t capitalise
18′ GOAL!!! Samoa 2-0 American Samoa Pita FALEVALU makes one save but can’t deny the follow up from Faitalia HAMILTON-PAMA
17′ Rawlston MASANIAI makes a great block to shut down FAAIUASO’s options but concedes a corner which could be equally dangerous
15′ MALO has dropped deep to cover the goal as American Samoa go around the penalty looking for an opening
14′ American Samoa whip in a corner but don’t test TOETU
13′ Justin MANA’O takes on Andrew SETEFANO and beats him but Jarrel SALE is there to clean up
12′ Samoa playing high pressing game that is causing some problems for their opponents as they have to make faster decisions than they’d like
11′ Frantic defending from American Samoa allows FAAIUASO a shot but he’s put it wide of the upright
10′ TOETU tries to find Lapalapa TONI out wide but sends into touch
8′ Samuelu RYAN plays a ball in front of his own goal and he’s lucky Silao MALO’s effort is blocked
8′ FAAIUASO looks in at goal but can’t finish this time
7′ YELLOW CARD John HALL of Samoa is cautioned
7′ Some very nice combination play between Dylan JORDAN and Aloalii MITCHELL
6′ Masi TOETU out to the edge of the box to collect as American Samoa press forward
4′GOAL!!! Samoa 1-0 American Samoa Andrew MOBBERLEY lays in for Desmond FAAIUASO to finish
3′ Desmond FAAIAUASO briefly goes down but it doesn’t look too bad as he’s back in the mix
2′ Loose from American Samoa and Silao MALO picks it up in the middle and takes it wide
1′ American Samoa with an early direct ball but it’s headed away by Joseph TYRELL
1′ Underway wih the Samoan derby between Samoa and American Samoa