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Fiji: 22. Benaminio MATEINAGARA (GK), 2. Avinesh SUWAMY, 5. Rusiate MATAREREGA, 7. Pita BOLATOGA, 8. Setareki HUGHES, 9. Roy KRISHNA (C), 11. Ilimotama JESE, 13. Ilisoni TUINAWAIVUVU, 18. Laisenia RAURA, 21. Alvin SINGH, 23. Samuela KAUTOGA
Substitutes: 1. Simione TAMANISAU (GK), 20. Shaneel NAIDU (GK), 4. Jale DREOLA, 6. Nickel CHAND, 10. Iosefo VEREVOU, 12. Tevita WARANAIVALU, 14. Kolinio SIVOKI, 15. Samuela NABENIA, 17. Taione KEREVANUA, 19. Amani MAKOE
Coach: Frank FARINA (AUS)
Vanuatu:: 20. Chikau MANSALE (GK), 2. Brian KALTACK, 3. Kevin SHEM, 4. Jason THOMAS, 6. Ignace YAMACK, 7. Samuel KALOROS, 8. Remy KALSARAP, 9. Bill NICHOLLS, 10. Dominique FRED, 11. Raoul COULON, 12. Zicka MANUHI, 14. Bong KALO, 15. Daniel NATOU, 18. Fenedy MASAUVAKALO (C)
Substitutes: 1. Seloni IARUEL (GK), 21. Kaloran FIRIAM (GK), 5. Jacques WANEMUT, 7. Samuel KALOROS, 8. Remy KALSARAP, 9. Bill NICHOLLS, 13. Nemani ROQARA, 16. Tony KALTACK, 19. Kensi TANGIS, 22. Jacky RUBEN, 23. Don MANSALE
Coach: Moise POIDA (VAN)
Match officials:
Referee: Kader ZITOUNI (TAH)
Assistant Referee 1: Bertrand BRIAL (NCL)
Assistant Referee 2: John PAREANGA (COK)
Fourth Official: Médéric LACOUR (NCL)
90+3 Tony Kaltack misses just a few metres out in front of an open goal following a cross from Dominique Fred who passes the keeper before sending in his delivery
90+2′ Dominique Fred rifles a shot over the crossbar from the edge of Fiji’s penalty area
90+1′ YELLOW CARD: Fiji’s Tevita Waranaivalu receives a yellow card
90′ Fourth official indicates 4 minutes of added time
89′ Ilimotama Jese with a crucial defensive header inside his own box

88′ Iosefo Verevou with a strong run inside the box but his final touch lets him down and the ball goes over the goalline
86′ Jason Thomas receives medical attention and leaves the field temporarily
85′ Fiji are pressing forward searching for an equaliser
83′ Samuela Kautoga can’t control his header inside the box the ball goes over the goalline
82′ Dominique Fred looks to get behind Fiji’s defence but he is flagged offside
81′ SUB: Fiji’s Setareki Hughes is replaced by Samuela Nabenia
79′ SUB: Vanuatu’s Fenedy Masauvakalois replaced by Bill Nicholls
78′ Dominique Fred’s drive from the edge of the box is just wide
77′ Bong Kalo with a clear sight on goal inside the box but he can’t control the ball
76′ Heavy rain falls inside Sir John Guise Stadium
75′ GOAL!!! FIJ 2-3 VAN Vanuatu’s Brian Kaltack converts from the spot with a powerful drive into the top right corner
71′ YELLOW CARD: Benaminio Mateinaqara receives a yellow card for the foul
70′ PENALTY: Vanuatu is awarded a penalty following a foul bby Fiji’s goalkeeper Benaminio Mateinaqara on Dominique Fred inside the box
69′ GOAL!!! FIJ 2-2 VAN bRoy Krishna heads home from a Iosefo Verevou cross to level the scores
68′ Setareki Hughes with a quick counter on the left to deliver a dangerous cross which is headed straight at the keeper by Krishna
66′ Ilisoni Tuinawaivuvu with a long range shot but he drives his attempt straight at the referee
65′ Samuel Kaloros clears for a corner following a dangerous cross by from the left from Iosefo Verevou
64′ SUB: Vanuatu’s Daniel Natou is replaced by Samuel Kaloros
62′ Fiji with a free kick following a foul by Vanuatu’s Tony Kaltack but the Fijians waste the opportunity by sending the ball long
61′ SUB: Vanuatu’s Zicka Manuhi is replaced by Tony Kaltack
60′ Roy Krishan with a couple of half chances inside the box but can’t control his headers
59′ Roy Krishna chips the free kick inside the box looking for Iosefo Verevou but Chikau Mansale ryushes off his line to gather

58′ YELLOW CARD: Vanuatu’s Brian Kaltack receives a yellow card
56′ At the other end Iosefo Verevou forces a diving save from Vanuatu’s goalkeeper Chikau Mansale with a curling shot from the left side of the penalty box
55′ Daniel Natou sends his shot over the crossbar from outside the penalty area
54′ Vanuatu’s turn to press high as they try to restore their two goal cushion
51′ GOAL!!! FIJ 1-2 VAN Samuela Kautoga pulls a goal back with a well hit strike inside the box that rockets in to net just under the crossbar
49′ Ignace Yamack intercepts a long cross aimed at Iosefo Verevou
47′ Roy Krishna with the first chance of the second half but his close range shot inside the penalty area is blocked for a corner
46′ Fenedy Masauvakalo and Zicka Manuhikick off the second half
46′ SUB: Fiji’s Rusiate Matarerega is replaced by Iosefo Verevou
46′ SUB: Fiji’s Pita Bolatoga is replaced by Tevita Waranaivalu
46′ Fiji coach Frank Farina makes a double substitution at half time
45+2 Vanuatu defender Brian Kaltack heads above the crossbar to end the first half
45+1′ Fenedy Masauvakalo sets up Bong Kalo inside Fiji’s box before Mateinaqara rushes out to make a crucial block
45+1′ Fiji’s Rusiate Matarerega sends his shot straight at the keeper from inside the penalty box on the left
45′ Fourth official indicates 1 minute of added time
43′ Laisenia Raura breaks up a quick counter by Vanuatu after a Fiji corner
41′ GOAL!!! FIJ 0-2 VAN Vanuatu skipper Fenedy Masauvakalo doubles his side’s advantage by rounding up the keeper to pass into the empty net following a sublime through ball from Kalo
40′ Fiji’s goalkeeper Benaminio Mateinaqara rushes out of his area to clear the ball ahead of the rushing Bong Kalo
38′ YELLOW CARD: Fiji’s Laisenia Raura receives a yellow card
36′ Daniel Natou drives the free kick straight at the keeper from the left of Fiji’s penaty area
35′ YELLOW CARD: Fiji’s Ilimotama Jese receives a yellow card for a foul on Tevita Waranaivalu
34′ Both sides are guilty to give away possession cheaply
31′ Zicka Manuhi with a chance inside Fiji’s penalty box following a defensive mix-up but he miscues his shot
30′ Rusiate Matarerega finds himself isolated in the final third and he does well to win a throw-in on the right touchline
28′ Pita Bolatoga breaks up a promising Vanuatu attack on the left flank
26′ Krishna makes a run on the left following a pass from Avinesh Suwamy but the Fiji captain is tackled cleanly by Ignace Yamack
24′ Bong Kalo with an attempt on goal from 20 metres out but his low drive is wide of the left post
23′ Fiji’s Alvin Singh with a crucial defensive interception to deny the ball from Fenedy Masauvakalo
21′ Fiji are trying to respond as they force two quick corners at the other end
19′ GOAL!!! FIJ 0-1 VAN Vanutau takes the lead courtesy of Dominique Fred who flicks past the keeper with the outside of his right foot following a pass from skipper Fenedy Masauvakalo
17′ Daniel Natou makes a crucial interception on Krishna who is looking to set up Rusiate Matarerega on the right
15′ Vanuatu on the attack on the right but the final pass to Fenedy Masauvakalo is long and goes out of play
13′ Dominique Fred with the best chance so far but he drives his shot straight at goalkeeper Benaminio Mateinaqara in a one-on-one situation inside the box
12′ Free kick against Fiji’s Ilimotama Jese for a foul on Raoul Coulon, Vanuatu take the free kick quickly and lose possession
10′ Roy Krishna with a through pass to Rusiate Matarerega who is flagged offside on the right
8′ Khrishna with the first chance of the match to force a good save from Vanuatu’s goalkeeper Chikau Mansale with a close range header following a Fiji corner
Vanuatu’s Jason Thomas receives a yellow card
6′ Bong Kalo with a cross from the left but Fiji’s goalkeeper Benaminio Mateinaqara gathers the ball in the air
5′ Setareki Hughes and Pita Bolatoga combine at the edge of Vanuatu’s penalty box before Hughes loses the ball
4′ Daniel Natou tries to release Dominique Fred on the right but his cross is too long
2′ Vanuatu stroking the ball around at the back
1′ A pass towards Matarerega on the left flank is too long
1′ Fiji captain Roy Krishna and Rusiate Matarerega kick off the match
1′ We are underway between Group B rivals Fiji and Vanuatu

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